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Healthy Oxygenics Shower Faucet

by Administrator, data:2015-09-18 17:40:02

In fact, just choose a healthy shower, you can make a shower become carefree and comfortable. massage shower faucet. Powerful spray, pour intermittent, can stimulate the body's acupuncture points each.

shower faucet
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The shower faucet used refined brass casting with chrome finish. It contains a top shower and a hand held shower without a spout. It is suit for wall mounted installation.

Look at the dimension of the shower faucet. The faucet has 47 inch height and the top shower has 13 inch length to the pipe.

The top shower has round shaped design. The fashion water hole make the top shower having 8 types of water. You can choose any type you like. The top shower can rotate.

The small hand held shower has strong water as the picture shown.

The faucet body doesn’t have a spout for outlet. It has single handle to control hot and cold water.

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