• 29Jun

    1.Features and structure

    Now, there are many different kinds of shower faucets in the market, but no matter kinds it have, faucets can be divided into two types. For the feature, it has three kinds, such as bathtub faucets, bathroom sink faucet and kitchen faucets. With different matching style it can reach a perfect result. While for the structure, it can be divided into ceramic valve faucets, 90 degree switch faucets and rubber screw steady rise faucets. Before the products are based on two types of flat industrial ceramics specially processed to achieve open and closed water. The latter products have been phased out in the current market trend. The key lies in the former two types of products are easy to operate and flexible advantages, existing product structure is the most popular. Meanwhile, imports also have after setting the thermostat or infrared light-sensitive products and opening and closing of water control products.

    bathroom faucets



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    2.Finish of the shower spout

    We have previously described some shower faucets finish coating has many varieties of its products, the focus is to choose according to personal preferences of consumers and the general requirements and the interior decor to match. It recommended that consumers in the process to select those more mature product, namely the existing chrome relatively widespread use, which we usually title “Clothesline” products. Experience its process has been for decades, the quality is more reliable.

    3.Discriminate of the shower spout

    Should turn or lever handle in lightweight, flexible non-blocking card sense, there is a sense of jamming faucets are generally more or less have quality problems, or improper assembly, improper or debugging, and some may even be zero by the poor quality parts assembled.

    Often faucet water is not recognized before turning the leaks, but the basic can check whether the various joints loose movement to achieve their goals. Because this may be the direct cause of loose faucet leaks.

    People generally do not like the kind of obvious defects in the product surface, and never on the faucet exception. It should pay attention to whether the surface burr Tap plating quality due to poor form, anxious point, some parts of the coated, with or without the formation of poor quality due to casting pores and spots and so on.

    The vast majority of enterprises in order to protect their own reputation, will be in the product and its packaging is marked with a clear and reliable identification. And some of the less reputable or have questions, enterprises can not, do not want in their products and associated packaging label above clear and reliable indicators. Recommended not to buy these products, even if their prices very cheap.

  • 23Jun

    There are many types of bath tub faucets and also have different price. Many consumers always choose faucets according to the style of faucets, in fact, a faucet is good or not, is focus on the function and structure.

    First, the key point of faucet quality is valve. There are three kinds of valve in the markets now, there are ceramic valve, ball valve and seal valve.
    Ceramic valve is a new kind of valve material which has good seal function and very stable and has long using-life.
    Faucet body is usually made of brass, bronze or brass alloy casting, of course the one casting is best.
    If you want to identify the quality of faucets, you’d better in base of function and structure.



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    From the function:

    1.The bathtub faucets which is usually called as ‘three set’ faucet has two water hole that one is to connect bathtub shower and the other is to connect the under effluent faucet for shower bathing.

    2.Bathroom sink faucet has short water hole and is mainly for people to wash and clean.

    3.For kitchen faucets, if your kitchen has hot water hose, this kitchen faucet will be center set. In addition, the water hole of kitchen faucet is usually very tall and lengthen, maybe some kitchen faucets will have soft pipe design for convenient washing functions.

    From the structure:

    1.Single handle faucets: This type faucet has advantages such as flexible switch, convenient temperature adjust and long-time using. The price of this single handle faucets is upper middle class, suit for some economic conditions families.

    2.Faucets with a 90-degree switch: This type also used ceramic valve, but is has improvement of changing the original rubber seal for the ceramic seal on the basic traditional two handle design. You can turn on the handle with 90 degree rotatable and has two handles for cold and hot water control. The features is convenient, the price of this type faucets is suitable for many consumers.

    3.Traditional faucet of jack-screw stable and rubber-dense: It has large volume of water, the maintenance is simple; and the price is relatively low.

    4.Stainless steel ball valve and lifting seal faucets: This type usually used for imported faucets, even some of them are temperature control so it has high price.

  • 29May

    Electric faucets as a new type water efficient product in the market has thermostatic water temperature during the using process and is very comfortable for using, so it become more and more popular for many people. But in the market, the electric faucets has different quality level which is not only according to the material and texture of faucet itself, but also according to the installation quality of the faucets. So we need to pay attention to some important factors when we install the electric faucets.


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    Installation tips for electric faucets:

    1.Do not use hot water too long for each single time.

    2.Get ready to make antifreeze, it can not be used while frozen, you should be sure to turn off the power.

    3.Do not have invert installation for using.

    4.Please contact with the service department before purchasing for that non-water, bungalows and the top floor.

    5.After installation, please make sure the water is completely discharged (hot zone), and then connect the power supply.

    6.The handle is lifted up to open, it is down to close(for the first time: pass before water power)

    7.Red toward is hot zone the blue toward is cold zone. In hot area, the lower water temperature will be the bigger amount of water is, while the higher water temperature is the smaller water will be.

    Of course, if consumers can not make sure the installation quality of bathroom electric faucets, the best suggestion for you is to find a professional workers to help you. You should know the quality of installation for electric faucets is important for the performance of faucets and can use for a long time.

  • 14May

    Shower faucet is necessary in modern bathing life, and the kind of shower faucets is variety, even the most common kind which is divided according to the material has many types. People have particular care about the water of shower faucet when they are purchasing because different water type will bring different bathing feelings. How many water types for shower faucets? And what are they? Today I will introduce these water types to you, hope it can help you on the purchasing of shower faucets.
    1.Common water:

    Common water means the basic water for bathing, with many water hole to have many formation of outlet water in order to create large area of rain shower to enjoy the happiness of bathing. Suitable for simple fast bathing.

    2.Soft water:

    Soft water has overflow with air injection technology which combined air with water to get soft and comfortable shower water. This water type is very suit for hair washing for the soft feeling which is good for your health.

    shower faucet

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    3.Massage water:

    To have massage water through the shower rotor cavity by a small amount of water together, and then sprayed out at predetermined intervals to form massage water. This type shower water has strong powerful overflow and has intermittent pouring to stimulate the body’s each acupuncture points. Such strong pulse flow has both massage and refreshing effect.

    4.Straight water:

    Straight water has strong overflow and can increase the funny with the fog effect through the collision between water.

    5.Turbo water:

    Turbo water has straight overflow to give your skin micro hemp slightly itchy feeling, this water can be a good way of bathing stimulation to have a clear mind.

    Of course, different types of water give people different feelings about bathing. So which water type will choose? You’d better choose it according to your favorite and the furniture in your bathroom room.

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  • 30Apr

    The so-called touch-less faucet is a class faucet which does not need to accept that people force but can automatically work, now sensor faucets on the market are mostly based on infrared sensors, when people are approached, its automatic water due to receive induction, when people leave , which automatically turns off the water, is very easy to use, are generally widely used in a number of hotels, restaurants and more places, to avoid people frequently open faucet and cause damage, sensor faucet and open the faucet using the traditional manual has a very distinct advantage, particularly primary reflected in the following aspects:

    1.Smart Saving:

    Automatic control for open and close the faucet, when you put your hands or something else into the automatic distance, the faucet will water automatically and cut off the water when your hands left, has good water efficient function.

    2.Timeout Protection:

    Has automatic cutting off water function after 30 seconds to avoid waste of water resources within the sensing range.

    3.Convenient and Health:

    Turn on and off the water all by the sensor without hands touching, effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection.

    touchless faucet

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    4.Smart Power:

    This type faucet is using modern digital technology to ultra-low power (DC products use 4 AA alkaline batteries, the quiescent current ≤60μA).

    5.Good Adaptability:

    We can adjust to different environments based on sensor sensitivity, are mainly in the sensing range.

    6. The Production Process:

    Copper casting, chrome finish, eternal luster; and has streamlined design and modern feeling.

    7. Easy Maintenance:

    Built-in filter to prevent impurities affect the normal work flow into the solenoid valve, and is easy to clean.

    8. Weak Prompt:

    DC-type products with a battery replacement prompts, when battery power is low, the status indicator is lit, indicating the timely replacement of the battery.

    9. Suitable Applications:

    Suit for hotels, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places.

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