• 15Jun

    Modern bathroom faucet is a class of common life hardware products which can not only decorate the entire bathroom faucet appearance, but also in the details reflect the quality of life of users, but in the process of using the bathroom faucet will inevitably appear faucet leakage phenomenon, if long-term in such a situation, not only a waste of water, but can not ensure clean and dry the entire bathroom space, the sanitary quality of life will decline, how to fix a leaky bathroom faucet?


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    First, the owners need to understand a leaky faucet is caused by water leakage, do not forget that after the pressure of water entering the home, so the faucet handle in the “off” position, must have watertight seals stop the inflow water. This seal is typically done by the washer tightly against the faucet seat formed. Obviously, if the seat faucet washers or wrong, there are some water may drip from the faucet leaking and mouth. To prevent such a drip, you usually only need to be replaced or repaired faucet washer seat.

    If the gasket problems caused by leaking taps when repairing leaky faucet at first the first thing to do is to shut off water, simply turn off a faucet near the water supply valve can be shut off water, and then the washer can replace, when for a good washer and then be open water, and turn on the tap, detecting whether there leaking.

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  • 09Jun

    For modern bathroom decoration, the bathroom faucet is essential, and the space in the bathroom faucet is very much exposed to, such as the bathroom sink faucets, shower faucets, bathtub faucets, thermostatic faucets and bidet faucets; no matter what type of faucet is, if you want its performance can be lasting stability and long life, then in the course are required consumers carefully maintained.

    At present, there are various types of faucets on the market and most of the steel materials are used for this material in the course of the faucet should be how to maintain it?


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    1, we must first focus on the installation quality bathroom faucet, the best experienced and qualified professionals construction and installation. When installed, the faucet should try not to bump with a hard object, do not cement, glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss coating.

    2, in the process of using the bathroom faucet, water tap not too much force, gently turn to homeopathy. Even the traditional-style taps, nor do they need a lot of effort to twist the dead. In particular not to handle or use as a handrail for support, otherwise it will lead to the bathroom faucet life is too short.

    3. bathtub faucet shower metal hose should be kept natural stretch state, do not be coiled when not on the faucet. Also, when you use or not, pay attention to the body’s joints do not form a hose and dead, in order to avoid breaking or damage hose.

    4, in the case of pressure is not lower than 0.02mpaz in use for some time, if found to reduce the amount of water, even the water heater flameout phenomenon, can be at the head of the outlet cover gently unscrew the screen, remove impurities, generally can be restored as ever.

    Although the bathroom faucet head is relatively small, but if in the course of its good maintenance, resulting in shortened life, may in turn affect the quality of life of your entire bathroom!

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  • 02Jun

    Kitchen Faucets is an ordinary ware in the modern bathroom space. High quality faucets don’t only have beautiful appearance to decorate the whole bathroom, but also have details to show the living quality of users’ life. But it will have leak phonetics more or less, if it happens for a long time, it waste a lot water, even can not ensure the cleanness of bathroom. So in order to maintain the quality of bathing life, how to repair the leaking problem?

    If you want to change the seals of faucets, you’d better to do follow the steps:

    kitchen faucet

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    1.Turn off the water supple, then remove the faucet handle

    2.Screw off the nut, the take the nut and old seal from the valve.

    3.Install the new seal, if you are using a linear sealing material please wrapped around it a few times around the spool. If it is soft wire you only need to wrapped around the spool once.

    4.Before you install the faucets back, please on the spool of thread and coated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the packing nut threads to ensure the sealing performance.

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  • 26May

    Thermostatic shower faucets is a class sanitary ware products which is often used in modern bathroom for the shower bathing, because it can maintain a constant temperature, so the bath course can bring a very comfortable feeling, and because the water temperature is constant during use you have no need to stop the diversion, and it can also save water, but not all users are suitable for use thermostatic shower faucet, what attention for the thermostatic shower use? Let me analyze of it, I hope to help you have into the shower thermostat further understanding and awareness!

    1, there is a small solid lumps tap water is not suitable for users thermostatic shower faucet, because it will have on its clogged, it will naturally affect the water temperature;

    2, such as tap water containing powdered precipitate or soft foreign bodies may reduce the sensitivity of the thermostat valve body, it may shorten the life of thermostatic shower faucet;

    3, try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet so that the water can reach the faucet as soon as possible;

    4, the normal use of water pressure 0.05Mpa ~ 0.6 Mpa; if insufficient water pressure, the water is too small will cause its reach cozy bath effect, if the pressure is too large, will cause it to burst water pipes;


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    5, hot and cold water supply pipe must not be installed wrong, the hot water pipe must be on the left, the cold water pipe must be in the right;

    6, must thermostatic shower faucet before installing clean installation site, in order to avoid damage to the leading small lumps of gravel apron, thread, thermostatic valve body and other parts;

    7, the installation of thermostatic shower, be sure to follow the instructions of the installation instructions, paying special attention not to be left out, loss or damage of any shims or apron;

    8, thermostatic shower faucet does not have a heating function, set the water heater temperature adjusted to 60 ℃ ~ 85 ℃;

    9, showers and shower pipe can not withstand temperatures above 60 ℃;

    10, after each use, be sure to adjust the knob to the left of the water temperature below 40 ℃;

    11, such as hot and cold water pressure difference is too large, please adjust the valve bracket with a screwdriver, the use of gas water heaters family more important to note that.

    In short, the use of thermostatic showers process must be in accordance with the above manner, in accordance with thermostatic shower Precautions its use, will be able to ensure its service life and performance.

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  • 18May

    Although the shower faucet is small among the bathroom furniture, it is also an necessary part of bathroom. If we don’t take care of the shower faucet with scientifically methods, the shower faucet will aggregate scale after a long-time using, then it will happen poor water or flow disorders and some other unhappy situations. The scale cleaning is an necessary work for shower faucets, and with different own functions of shower faucet itself, the cleaning may divided into three kinds:

    First, Manual cleaning:

    This method may need to remove the net cover or other adsorption scale parts of shower faucet, and then fix back after cleaning with a brush. Shower faucets of some brands have professional shower head opener at the time of sale for convenient using for consumers.

    shower faucet

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    Second, Hand-wipe cleaning:

    This kind faucet has silicone water hole design. Silicone material is soft and comfortable, not easy for scale and easy for cleaning. You just need to wipe the silicone water hole with your finger, then you can easily crumple and pop the scale. This method of cleaning has good use of the characteristics of the material, so it is now more popular on the market.

    Third, automatic cleaning:

    For some special structure of shower faucets, the scale will automatically clean away during the using process. For example, some shower faucets have a cleaning needle inside, when the water type is changing, the cleaning needle will automatically pop the scale away.

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  • 11May

    Though the faucet is small and not massive like other furniture, but it is important in the whole bathroom space. If there is not any faucets and some small fittings in the bathroom to match these furniture,the bathing quality can not appear in the whole bathroom space, so the little faucet need our careful maintenance during the using process. But how to keep maintenance for bathroom faucets? Do you have any efficient methods? Now, I can teach you some ways to do.

    First, the best ideal cleaning method for bathroom faucet is that clean the faucet with fresh water, then wipe dry the surface water of the faucet with soft cotton cloths because after evaporation of water there will being furring on the metal surface. Do not vigorously rub the surface, you’d better gently wipe. With wet sponges and chamois to wipe, faucet can have bright luster.

    clean faucet

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    Second, you’d better wipe the faucet surface with a mild liquid glass cleaner, or acid-free, non-abrasive gentle liquid. No friction solution polish removable thick solid mask on tap and deposits. Never use any abrasive cleaner, cloth or paper cloth, and any acid-containing cleaning agents, polishing abrasive agents or rough cleaner.

    Third, if you find the reduce the amount of water, and have even food stall phenomenon after a period of time, you can gently unscrew the screen cover at the outlet of the faucet, then remove the impurities, it will generally be restored as ever.

    Of course the quality of faucet installation is very important. If consumers can not be sure it is the quality of the installation, it is best to request professional installers to install the faucet, you should know that it directly determines the water situation in the bathroom space.

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  • 23Apr

    The so-called electric faucet is actually a class of fast hot water tap, which in the course of a short time in the most heated water, and so moisture is kept constant, give people a very comfortable bathing experience, especially in the winter time , bathroom space use this type of faucet is very comfortable, but users say such a relatively short life of electric faucet, I think this is mainly used in the normal process, people care enough to their efforts, What’s matter should bathroom electric faucet pay attention to when used?

    1. Unscrew the hose joints under the faucet has a small circular filter, a long time will cause the water does not accumulate a lot of residue smooth, so it is not enough water pressure will cause the heating element inside the faucet dry, serious influence the life of the faucet. Way is one to two months, the filter will be cleaned once.

    electric faucet

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    2, open the faucet when it is to the left on a hot while to the right on a cold, the correct way is to turn to the right to open and then slowly turned handle to the left. Don not open directly toward left, because before we open the faucet, there is no water in it, if you first turn left, the heating element immediately on the heat, but the water from the pipes to fill the faucet may cost one or two seconds, then this two seconds faucet is in the dry state which is also a long time will also affect the life of the faucet.

    3.Remember the faucet outlet can not add to other pipes. Some people may think that use a hose connected to the tap so water can outlet to facilitate receipt of other places, in fact, this is very bad, and now electric faucet can withstand the pressure chamber has a standard, if a tube connected to a large extent, then it increases the pressure, if the pressure in the case of sufficiently large leak may be the leading light in weight will burst open faucet.

    In short, the everyday use of electric faucet precautions are more maintenance performed only from the bathroom of their life bit by bit, so as to ensure the use of stable performance and long service life!