• 18Jun

    Because of its water-saving performance, electric faucet and constant temperature quickly reach the performance loved by the people, the use of quality electric faucet part stems from its own materials and excellent production process, while on the other hand is derived from the quality of the installation of electric faucet , electric faucet installation procedures and processes directly determine the quality of its installation. Specific installation process and steps are as follows:

    1, Install the filter:

    Electric faucet must be installed at the water inlet filter, because a small amount of debris in the water, so as not to get stuck floating magnetic electric faucet or clogged shower faucet. If the filter is clogged, it will reduce the flow rate, the water becomes small, floating magnetic inactivity electric faucet can not be heated. After a period of time to remove the filter for cleaning electric faucet, can be used.


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    2. Check the float magnetic position:

    The installer when installing electric faucet must remember to check the magnetic float is in the lower end, it is in the state of freedom of movement, in order to ensure the normal use of electric faucet. Because the floating magnetic hydroelectric interlocking switch, open the valve automatic heating, water heating is stopped off, if floating debris stuck magnetic, electric faucet will be dry or without heating phenomenon, cleared away the debris floating on the magnetic order working properly.

    3, Do not use mixing valve:

    Do not use electric faucet mixing valve, because the use of a mixing valve if it will hit the middle of the hot and cold water while mixing flow, then water flow will be smaller, resulting in electric faucet water temperature is too high, excessive temperature, Variable hot and cold water phenomenon occurs. Staff should be told to use a mixing valve client directly boot to the hot side, without mixing in cold water, this product will make life longer and difficult to scale.

    4, Control water flow:

    Electric faucet manufacturers must use when equipped with special showers, electric faucet under normal operating conditions, to regulate water flow or temperature plus high-end digital upgrade. The average user does not control the habit faucet flow, causing the water temperature can not reach the intended effect.

    In short, the requirements of installation for electric faucet is professional, it is best to seek professional recommendation, the company for such product purchases, because most large enterprises will be equipped with professional installation team on-site installation services and installation of quality than the average master more professional, I suggest that the owners still do not covet a moment of cheap bars.

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  • 20May

    The function of shower faucet in the bathroom is variety, it can match with the washing basin, bathtub, shower bathtub and other big bathroom furniture, in order to perfect the whole bathroom life. But the quality of shower faucet is not only focus on the appearance, but also should be pay attention to the material of faucet body, in addition, some quality problems may caused by installation. Do you know how to install the shower faucets? Today let me tell you some tip for installation of shower faucets here.

    First, before installation, shower faucet need to brush with clean water to clean the dirt in the pipe. Then removing the debris in mounting hole, and check the box of accessories are not doped impurity, in order not to clogged or abrasion the ceramic valve, to avoid clogged for the next using.

    Second, the connection of metal hose has no need to consider the installation place of the hose, but you should pay attention to the installation length of the hose. Usually the hose is 50cm(imported size, some brands has hard hose), if you want to use the hard hose to connect the pipe, you should buy the faucet first then lay water pipes according to the length of the hard hose. From the life, of course, hard hose is better than the soft hose. For the same opinion, when the installation of sink faucets, if you lay the pipe above the sink, so the faucet with wall mounted installation is better than the common sink bathroom faucets installation.

    faucet installation

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    Third, if you like to choose imported faucets, you should pay attention to the fittings of this kind faucets because the related fittings has different requirement compared with the national faucets. Common imported faucets has two type hose of hard and soft, and has more for the soft hose(stainless steel braided hose), and the events nut end has 3/8 inch which has only matching fitting for the imported triangle valve. In addition, the length of water nozzle assembly is 11/4 inch.

    Fourth, to take over the pipe when the left is hot, right is cold, the distance of the two hose is 100mm-200mm. Water connection fixed position before removing the faucet, after plastering the walls to be finished, and then install the faucet, so as not to tap the surface coating is worn, scratched. If you use the shower like imported products, the pre-installed booster pump out the water to ensure its stability during use.

    Of course, if you can not grasp their own quality of the installation, the proposal for you is still looking for a professional faucet installation master, you should know the quality of the installation of bathroom faucet greatly affects its performance, and then it is reflected in the sanitary quality of people’s lives.

  • 28Apr

    Today many people prefer to choose the shower room in their bathroom. The installation of shower room of course needs to install the shower faucet. When you are going to install the shower faucet, you don’t only need to ensure the quality of installation, but also need to ensure the comfortable using of shower faucet, so you should consider the installation length of shower faucet. But many people have not know how to determine the length of shower faucet. Now let me tell you about this and I hope it can help all of you.

    shower faucet
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    The length of shower faucet is concerned with the way of installation. Generally speaking, the water hole of concealed shower faucet is about 210cm above the floor, and the under effluent faucet is about 110cm above the floor. There is another elevating shower faucet, the installation length of shower spout is about 200cm above the floor.

    Of course, these standards may as a consideration. In fact, you should adjust the standard according to your family general height. And each family has different general height, so you should not just use the standard. It needs your adjustment of real general height.

    So, for the comfortable installation length of shower faucet, the answer is not the same, and should fix according to the height. Best length of shower faucet is 20-30cm above the height of users, this is the best comfortable length.

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