• 23Feb

    You do not decorate or redecorate a bathroom every day. It is often more than a decade when you decide to do so. So, why not do it perfectly and differently? Picking unique bathroom faucets can be a tedious task though. While it can be easy to decide on the type and the finish you want, because it depends on the theme of the bathroom. Whether you go for the antique finish, or straight to the modern look, there is a bigger decision you need to make the type of handle you want on your faucet.

    Unique Antique Bathroom Faucets

    Types of handles for bathroom faucets

    There are many types of handles available in the market these days, each with a style of their own. Read on to know about them.

    Joystick Handle It looks similar to the joystick that comes with computer games, though does not perform the same function!

    Cross handles The taps are usually in the shape of a cross. Most faucets will have two of them, which can be rotated to open or close the running of water.

    Level handles They are the single handle levers which can be gripped easily and turned to operate. These are more on the modern lines, and so come in many decorative styles as well.

    The Knobs Probably the oldest ones everyone has seen once in their lifetime. The knobs are round in shape, and work like cross handles.

    Push buttons These faucets function without the presence of any knob or handle. Instead there are push buttons which let the water flow.

    Unique Bathroom Faucets

    Motionsensing faucets There are absolutely no knobs and handles present in this one, just the spout. As soon as the sensor senses hands under the spout, the water starts flowing. Of course, there are mixing valves present which allow you to adjust the water temperature.

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  • 17Feb

    The only thing that can enhance the beauty of your sink or tub are the bathroom faucets brushed nickel. The brushed nickel finish is available in many designs and types of faucets. The main advantage of having brushed nickel finish is that it gives a long-lasting performance and an untarnished beauty to your bathroom, without having spend too much. They complement any kind of decor because of their neutral finish.

    Best Brushed nickel bathroom faucets

    Types of Bathroom faucets brushed nickel

    Whether you are redecorating your entire bathroom, replacing just the sink or the tub, or getting rid of the old faucets, you need to see what type of faucet is best suited for you. It all depends on your personal choice, but there are other factors involved as well, such as the size. But more importantly, it is the hole openings available that make for the final deciding factor when picking bathroom faucets brushed nickel.

    One-hole faucets

    These type of faucets have the spout and the mixing handles attached to one body. Mostly, these days, the mixing handles are also combined into one mixer. So, these faucets require only a single hole. They are perfect for sinks with smaller size, as these occupy much less space. If you are shifting from multiple-hole faucet to a single-hole one, you can also buy a bottom place that helps to cover the extra holes.

    Centre-set faucets

    These faucets are fit for any kind of bathroom sinks. They require three holes to be drilled on a six inch plate. They consist of two handles.


    It consists of a total of three individual pieces – a spout and two handles. They tend to occupy more space than the other two types of faucets.

    Brushed nickel bathroom faucets

    Wall-mounted faucets

    These have come only in the recent times when the vessel sinks have gained popularity. Vessel sinks  require spouts that are have a longer neck to reach the bowl.

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  • 02Feb

    A wet towel is equivalent to a major crime that is waiting to take place! A bathroom with wet towels will certainly ruin the outlook and cleanliness of the space. To be more precise, mildew, mold and filth can seep into your bathroom effortlessly. Of course, this is why bathroom towel bars became famous among homeowners. So, why should you buy bathroom towel bars? Can you survive without them? As suggested by its name, towel bars are meant to hang wet towels. The bars will help you dry towels effortlessly. Also, towel bars will make sure your bathroom stays clean and void of clutter.

    Black Hotel Towel Bars

    Why Bathroom Towel Bars?

    Apart from its functional benefits, bathroom towel bars will increase the region’s visual impact. It will add more style to the bath area. There are several different types of bathroom towel bars. You can hand pick bars that best suit your requirements and taste. The standard towel bars are designed to be screwed into solid surfaces. Based on the length and strength of the bar, it can hold between one and four towels. To enjoy more space you can opt for double or dual towel bars. These bars will let you hang more towels without worrying about space or width.

    Very Many Options

    In order to delight users with more flexibility, designers have come up with swivel towel bars. These are simple towel bars that can be attached to any kind of wall. Likewise, there are feature bars with special adjustments. A major advantage in buying swivel towel bars would be its flat design. You can install it without using lots of wall space.

    Bathroom Towel Bar

    Apart from hanging towels, you can use the bars to store folded towels too. Thus, the simple bathroom fixture can be used to make sure your wash area is perfectly organized and neatly maintained.

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