• 31Dec

    Are you planning to invest on bathroom shower faucets? Do you want classy showerheads that can increase your washroom’s overall look and value? If yes, look no further. Here is a quick walk through few important points that should be remembered before you buy bathroom shower faucets.

    Bathroom Shower Screen Faucet

    Do you Need a Shower Valve?

    First of all, check if you need only a shower head or a shower valve. Some manufacturers term shower valves as shower faucets. It is an important component that turns water on or off. Also, shower valves can regulate the temperature of water. If you current shower’s valve is functioning properly, you don’t need to invest on a new one! However, if you are changing your bathroom’s look, you should buy a new shower valve and shower faucet too.

    The thin line between thermostatic and Pressure balanced faucets

    So, would you go for thermostatic or pressure balanced shower faucets? There is a thin line between these two models. Single control pressure-balanced shower faucets can maintain a fixed ratio between hot and cold water. As you turn the handle, the balance will be introduced. However, pressure valves have no knowledge about the actual temperature. On the other hand, thermostatic shower faucets can control and mix the right amounts of hot and cold water. They are designed to manage the total volume of water flowing through at a specific temperature.

    The final temperature

    Are you specific about the temperature at which water flows out in your house? If yes, you should opt for shower faucets with fine-tuned water pressure controls. These units will help you enjoy a better shower experience.

    shower head and faucet combo

    The Verdict

    Regardless of the bathroom shower faucets you pick, make sure the unit is installed properly. Spend time with professional service providers, who specialize in installing and repairing showerheads.

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  • 27Dec

    Are you planning to invest on a bathtub faucet? Do you wish to give your bathroom a stylish accent? Are you hunting for bathtub faucets that are comfortable and functional? With a wide range of bathtub faucets that range across different styles, configurations and finishes; you have an endless list of options to pick from. Conversely, you must make sure the bathtub faucet you choose suits your budget and aesthetic requirements.

    Bronze Three Hole Bathtub Faucet

    Does the Sink Suit Your Personal Style?

    When you select a bathtub faucet, make sure it falls in line with your personal style. The faucet must compliment with the other fixtures in your bathroom. Take into consideration the entire theme and worth of your home.

    Different Types of Bathtub Faucets

    There are several different types of bathtub faucets. Tub mount faucets can be installed using pre-drilled holes. Generally, the pipes are carefully sealed and only the handles and spouts are exposed. Wall mount faucets are traditional units used in most homes and offices.

    Another interesting bathtub faucet style would be the freestanding ones. These faucets can be installed without any pre-drilled holes. Also, the faucets can be positioned at the end of the bath tub. They are meant for tubs that are continuously rolled around the place.

    Deck mount bathtub faucets can be installed on the tub’s rim alias deck. These faucets are installed with the help of pre-drilled holes. Conversely, the pipes are completely concealed with handles spouts exposed. Roman tub faucets and deck-mount faucets will give you more space to sit in the bath tub.

    Waterfall Spout Bathtub Faucet

    Three Add-on Factors

    Moving on, when you choose bathtub faucets you should take into consideration the following factors:

    1)Verify the number of handles the tub faucet has! Most homeowners go for units with one or two handles.

    2)Three handle bathtub faucets will let you divert water easily.

    3)When you install bathtub faucets, remember that they cannot be interchanged with sink faucets.

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  • 19Dec

    Over the years, waterfall bathroom sink faucets have become everyone’s favorite option for stylish bathrooms. As suggested by its name, the sink comprises of a wide spout to release like a real-life waterfall. Indeed, the faucet appears like a running fountain of fresh, clean water. When compared against conventional sink faucets, the waterfall bathroom sink faucet is stylish and carefully designed. Installing this sink faucet will undeniably add more appeal and value to your house. The faucet is made out of different materials, namely brass or steel. And, the most popular (yet expensive) ones are designed out of glass.

    Vessel Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

    A Work of Art System

    Experts related waterfall bathroom sink faucets to a work-of-art system. These taps can be installed on the counter or walls. To deliver top-notch results, the taps are designed to promise the highest amounts of discharge. It is quite interesting to note that the amount of discharge from a waterfall bathroom sink faucet can be modified easily. The faucets have simple options that will let you control the flow and volume of water released from the tap.

    Different types of waterfall bathroom sink faucets

    Contemporary Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

    Most waterfall bathroom sink faucets are single handled. However, if you want both hot and cold water, you can opt for the double handed ones. To increase the efficiency of the waterfall bathroom sink faucet, you should install a vessel drain sink. With this sink, you can restrict the amount of water that gets wasted. At all times, it would be wise to acquire professional advice, before you decide on a waterfall bathroom sink faucet and drain. The experts will help you decide on a faucet that best fits your budget and requirements. Meanwhile, make sure the waterfall bathroom sink faucet blends well with the rest of your home.

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  • 10Dec

    Gold bathroom faucet always looks beautiful in the bathroom. It changes the full look of the bathroom. Moreover, the gold bathroom faucet has a gorgeous look. This faucet always augments the exquisiteness of the bathroom. Also, gold bathroom faucet looks very beautiful, and it is used many amazingly designed bathrooms. The manufacturers launched the gold bathroom faucet, and it is known for its stunning look. However, there are many faucets available in the market, but the gold colour always takes too much attention. This amazing colour faucet will have updated look to any bathroom remodel.

    Antique gold bathroom faucet

    The colour of this product will look perfect for years and years. The material which is used is high standard material. The product is very modern which will change the look of the bathroom. The gold bathroom faucet enhances the artistic appeal. This product is combining the architectural forms with beautiful pattern lines. Also, this product brings an impression of contemporary style to your bathroom. This faucet has a great spout by large cross handles. It is very easy to handle, and the installation is very easy. All the product is leak free which has great valves which provide the reliable performance.

    • The product is very much reliable.
    • The spout height of the product is 2.5, and the colour of the faucet is gold.
    • The flow rate is 1.2 per minute, and the type of the handle is a lever.
    • There is one sink hole required in the faucet. Also, there is single handle faucet.
    • This product is very easy to clean.

    Gold bathroom faucet

    This product has great supply lines which provide flexibility. Also, the control operation is very unusual which provides the faucet to be utilized on and off at any temperature perspective. Likewise, it has great durability. This product has great designed lines. It comes with a warranty.

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