• 30Aug

    Who doesn’t wish for a fancy bathtub that stands majestic and proud stealing all the attention and giving a “wow” feature to any bathroom. Surely those Hollywood inspired bathrooms are a dream of so many and a free standing tub definitely calls for a freestanding tub faucet for that luxurious spa like feel. A master bathroom or a family bathroom if spacious enough, can definitely look extremely regal with a tub as a centrepiece, looking fancy and inviting for a relaxing soak. You can either go for a vintage look with those classic freestanding claw foot tubs or hammered copper tubs if you’d like to go for an industrial look or if you’re more of a modern person add a stylish single handle freestanding tub faucet to compliment that contemporary look.

    freestanding tub faucet

    Freestanding tubs usually come without any holes drilled for plumbing as majority of the consumers add a freestanding tub faucet which compliments these tubs perfectly. When it comes to choosing the right freestanding tub faucet there are a few things that need to be considered, like the type of tub you’ve chosen to put in, a vintage tub would ask for a vintage looking freestanding tub faucet with attached telephone shower. Or if you choose to go with a modern sculptured tub then a polished and sleek freestanding tub faucet with chrome finish would be an ideal choice. The finish of the freestanding tub faucet can be with chrome, nickel, polished nickel, stainless steel, gold, copper or even custom coloured as per your requirements.

    freestanding tub faucet

    The design can be traditional or contemporary and must be chosen in accordance with the general theme of the bathroom. The freestanding tub faucet usually requires a single hole installation and have a hand-held shower for your convenience. Nowadays they come equipped with latest technologies and settings, like using less water or creating a powerful spray and simple touch-clean spray holes in the showers.

    freestanding tub faucet

    A freestanding tub along with a stunning freestanding tub faucet is a glamorous style statement that is bound to set your bathroom a class apart from all the run-of -the-mill bathrooms with boring plumbing and bathtubs. A freestanding tub faucet will give a clean minimalist yet stylish look to your bathroom that would have you and your guests swooning over the elegance and class.

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  • 29Aug

    Whether you’re remodeling or planning a new bathroom from the scratch, faucets are a very important aspect of the bathroom design. When you’ve decided upon the right style, choosing the right finish can be seemingly a daunting task. For people who would rather go with a safe, economical and low-maintenance options, modern bathroom faucet is the ideal finish to opt for.

    modern bathroom faucet
    Modern bathroom faucets are very common, in fact you are quite likely to find one chrome faucet somewhere in every house. They are easy to match with all accessories and fixtures and come in a wide variety of styles, they are extremely easy to find and are inexpensive. Chrome faucets are also easy to clean and durable. However they stain easily and watermarks on them are quite visible. “Chrome plated” finish is also a durable option in terms of faucets since it is brass coated with chrome to prevent it from corrosion and damage.

    modern bathroom faucet
    when you shop for your faucets online or in big name stores, you might spot a few faucets that are extremely cheap and look quite attractive as well, however they are usually made of plastic and will hardly last you long enough so you’ll soon be returning to replace it. Hence it is better to invest in a better material and finish since they would be more pocket-friendly in the long run.

    modern bathroom faucet
    The style of modern bathroom faucet you choose would depend upon your bathroom sink and even the tub since many prefer matching bathroom and shower faucets. You can choose anything from handles, levers or dials to wide bottomed faucets or single hole faucets. The good thing about chrome finish is that it is available in so many styles that finding the perfect design of modern bathroom faucet is easy and it goes well with all sorts of designs be it modern, eclectic or traditional.

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  • 23Aug

    Shower fixtures just like other features of bathroom plumbing need a lot of deliberation and choosing. When you decide upon the color scheme for your bathroom you want the faucets, sink, tub and showers to compliment your design. Whether you are starting to build your bathroom fro scratch or want to add some life to your old bathroom. For a dull and plain bathroom try adding a pop of color with brass shower fixtures. Brass is a personal favorite finish for quite many people. Some like to use the shiny polished brass to give their vintage bathroom a classic rustic charm.

    Brass shower fixtures

    Brass shower fixtures can be used in polish brass or satin brass, in both modern style or contemporary designs of bathroom. In a black or grey bathroom or a cream and beige bathroom a polished brass shower fixture will be a bold and stunning style statement. Choose some old style accessories such as sink and toilet to go with it and you have a vintage masterpiece! If you want a softer polished gold look that does not appear too bold yet stands out nevertheless, go for the elegant satin brass, this is the new favorite finish for many designers and customers nowadays.

    Brass shower fixtures

    In terms of advantages, even though brass is a more expensive finish than chrome or brushed nickel, it is still durable and easy to maintain. Polished brass is easier to match with other accessories and is as easy to find as it is to clean, satin brass however, is not as easy to find in all sorts of designs, but it is gradually gaining more popularity due to its elegance. It also resists water spots and fingerprints due to its brushed gold mattefinish.

    The style of shower fixtures you choose depend upon your bathroom design, some old style shower fixtures now come with modern features such as high power water flow or thermostatic control. Many Shower heads also come with a self cleaning feature now making them easier to use and more long lasting. Choose an angularbrass shower fixture with large square shower head for a relaxing, spa like feel. Or choose a shower head with varying speeds of water flow for a waterfall effect to a soothing massage with water. For a classic look go for a vintage goose neck shower riser that is updated with all the latest features for a wonderful classic on modern twist.

    Brass shower fixtures

    Brass shower fixtures are the choice for many designers due to their attraction and ease to match them especially polished brass with almost any accessory. No matter the style of your bathroom, brass fixtures are easily accommodated in contemporary, vintage or eclectic designs and are sure to impress your family and friends alike.

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  • 04Aug

    If you spend some time inside your bathroom, then you might notice that the bathroom looks a bit dull and boring. If you are looking for ideas to make it look interesting and beautiful, then you have to stumble upon the correct place.
    Make a great impression with vintage faucets
    Try thinking of adding this faucet to your bathroom. It changes the mood and also the appearance at the same time. You are going to look at your bathroom at an entirely different angle once you fit vintage faucets inside.
    You will get a more comfortable and cosy vibe coming from your bathroom. Your guests are going to be very impressed. Bringing in vintage stuff inside for decoration purpose never goes old, and thus it will never go out of style.

    antique-bronze-vintage bathroom-faucet

    Antique Chinese style vessel sink can be a good match
    Besides the faucet, other items should also go with the vintage style of the whole bathroom, among which the sink set is worth taking into consideration. This ceramic sink or basin is made from Jing De Town, China, which is very famous for its superb craft. The floral painting and enamelings on it add the elegance and the exotic mood to this little space. Most importantly, the vessel sink is just like the original set of the vintage faucet.

    antique-ceramic wash basin

    Illuminate bathroom through decorative wall sconces
    Also, can the bathroom be without the decorative lights? The light is definitely used to light up the room, however, for the bathroom, it might act as the effective adornments. The light is in floral pattern with beige glass shade, looking very rustic and well-designed. Also, the black painting finish is shiny and can last as new. Since it is very energy saving, it is very suitable for the bathroom, hallway and entry way. It is very easy to install this wall sconce. Generally, there will be the introduction in the box of the products. If not, you can also find it easily on the internet.

    rustic bathroom wall light

    The Internet, the best place to search for household products
    However, finding these amazing items is an entirely different thing. It is very difficult to locate it. However, you might find several locations which sell this kind of product. Consignment shops, local antique shop and appliances shops are a few of the great locations to find this beautiful product. You need to be very careful about buying these, as they might not turn out to be as good as it looks.
    One of the best places to search for this product is on the internet. There might be an auction where you will find it or on any selling websites. Try to go for the classic vintage faucet. It usually fits in everybody’s taste perfectly, and it can easily dwell very well within your bathroom. Try to be very particular while choosing.

    For instance, if your bathroom has clear lines then make sure that the faucet you choose also has clean lines. Moreover, it is critical that you know the exact measurement of the holes that are present in the faucet. You should also know how the faucet functions. Thus, be very careful while buying vintage faucets. For the lights and vessel sinks, Pay attention to transport safety since they are easy to be broken. Good after-sales service is one of the most important credit when choosing the online company.

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