• 29Jun

    1.Features and structure

    Now, there are many different kinds of shower faucets in the market, but no matter kinds it have, faucets can be divided into two types. For the feature, it has three kinds, such as bathtub faucets, bathroom sink faucet and kitchen faucets. With different matching style it can reach a perfect result. While for the structure, it can be divided into ceramic valve faucets, 90 degree switch faucets and rubber screw steady rise faucets. Before the products are based on two types of flat industrial ceramics specially processed to achieve open and closed water. The latter products have been phased out in the current market trend. The key lies in the former two types of products are easy to operate and flexible advantages, existing product structure is the most popular. Meanwhile, imports also have after setting the thermostat or infrared light-sensitive products and opening and closing of water control products.

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    2.Finish of the shower spout

    We have previously described some shower faucets finish coating has many varieties of its products, the focus is to choose according to personal preferences of consumers and the general requirements and the interior decor to match. It recommended that consumers in the process to select those more mature product, namely the existing chrome relatively widespread use, which we usually title “Clothesline” products. Experience its process has been for decades, the quality is more reliable.

    3.Discriminate of the shower spout

    Should turn or lever handle in lightweight, flexible non-blocking card sense, there is a sense of jamming faucets are generally more or less have quality problems, or improper assembly, improper or debugging, and some may even be zero by the poor quality parts assembled.

    Often faucet water is not recognized before turning the leaks, but the basic can check whether the various joints loose movement to achieve their goals. Because this may be the direct cause of loose faucet leaks.

    People generally do not like the kind of obvious defects in the product surface, and never on the faucet exception. It should pay attention to whether the surface burr Tap plating quality due to poor form, anxious point, some parts of the coated, with or without the formation of poor quality due to casting pores and spots and so on.

    The vast majority of enterprises in order to protect their own reputation, will be in the product and its packaging is marked with a clear and reliable identification. And some of the less reputable or have questions, enterprises can not, do not want in their products and associated packaging label above clear and reliable indicators. Recommended not to buy these products, even if their prices very cheap.

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