• 29Jun

    1.Features and structure

    Now, there are many different kinds of shower faucets in the market, but no matter kinds it have, faucets can be divided into two types. For the feature, it has three kinds, such as bathtub faucets, bathroom sink faucet and kitchen faucets. With different matching style it can reach a perfect result. While for the structure, it can be divided into ceramic valve faucets, 90 degree switch faucets and rubber screw steady rise faucets. Before the products are based on two types of flat industrial ceramics specially processed to achieve open and closed water. The latter products have been phased out in the current market trend. The key lies in the former two types of products are easy to operate and flexible advantages, existing product structure is the most popular. Meanwhile, imports also have after setting the thermostat or infrared light-sensitive products and opening and closing of water control products.

    bathroom faucets



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    2.Finish of the shower spout

    We have previously described some shower faucets finish coating has many varieties of its products, the focus is to choose according to personal preferences of consumers and the general requirements and the interior decor to match. It recommended that consumers in the process to select those more mature product, namely the existing chrome relatively widespread use, which we usually title “Clothesline” products. Experience its process has been for decades, the quality is more reliable.

    3.Discriminate of the shower spout

    Should turn or lever handle in lightweight, flexible non-blocking card sense, there is a sense of jamming faucets are generally more or less have quality problems, or improper assembly, improper or debugging, and some may even be zero by the poor quality parts assembled.

    Often faucet water is not recognized before turning the leaks, but the basic can check whether the various joints loose movement to achieve their goals. Because this may be the direct cause of loose faucet leaks.

    People generally do not like the kind of obvious defects in the product surface, and never on the faucet exception. It should pay attention to whether the surface burr Tap plating quality due to poor form, anxious point, some parts of the coated, with or without the formation of poor quality due to casting pores and spots and so on.

    The vast majority of enterprises in order to protect their own reputation, will be in the product and its packaging is marked with a clear and reliable identification. And some of the less reputable or have questions, enterprises can not, do not want in their products and associated packaging label above clear and reliable indicators. Recommended not to buy these products, even if their prices very cheap.

  • 26Jun

    Analyzing the decoration grade level trick is “to see the bathroom and kitchen grades, particularly those hardware seemingly insignificant.” Now, this trick has been widely used in home decoration, more and more owners will focus on bathroom and kitchen decoration, people pay more attention to sanitary ware brand, for ancillary faucets and other hardware are demanding more. Except when you purchase a faucet, you need to select the brand, quality, style are excellent leader, but also pay attention to identify the brand of authenticity. Now, the market’s leading foreign brand cohabitation, you may want to store to buy factory direct sales, of course, the inevitable problem occurs if you accidentally bought the contraband or counterfeit goods, use. So, in addition to selecting the leading style and brand, for some products, you must pay more attention to details.

    Copper itself has disinfection effect, leading quality in general by all copper casting, and now some brand-name products for the cost of zinc alloy or plastic instead, you choose when to pay attention. Also, even if you are buying a genuine famous, these high-end mixed faucet before installation and use of the process you should understand. Knowledge about the product performance, the proper use of in order to avoid inconvenience due to improper use, make your high-end faucet greatly reduced.


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    Usually a single handle mixing water basin mixer at the factory with installation dimensions and operating instructions before installation should open the packaging inspection certificate, etc. in order to avoid the use of three products. If the imported goods should extra careful.

    Also check the parts are complete. General accessories should be fitted with: 1, a full set of bolts and fixed copper and gaskets; 2, a full-pulling to the water basin; 3, two inlet. Then remove the faucet handle is pulled down around freely and feel a little light and open and close with a gentle sense of arrest even better.

    Another thing is to check the plated surface bright, no bubbles, spots and scratches prevail. If your faucet use in new housing estates, because the water pipe network is newly paved certainly be sand and other impurities in water, the installation should be long before they turn on the water until the water clean installation. The two inlet end of the installation mounted on the other end of the two hot and cold faucet angle valve directly in charge of the joint on both hot and cold 4 or. Basin to the water installation in the pelvic floor, connected to the water pulling the end connected to the “S” or “P” type bend. Do not use excessive force when you turn the use of man-made damage caused, usually leading surface should be wiped clean after use. After a period of time off the hot and cold water faucets available wrench Carefully remove impurities and then carefully clean the filter installed.

    Today, many leading companies have a certain product quality assurance commitment, you may want to ask these warranty conditions at the time of purchase, more choice. I believe, as long as you are careful selection, proper installation, use and maintenance of your faucet and other hardware, faucet in your home troubles will really “never came back”.

  • 23Jun

    There are many types of bath tub faucets and also have different price. Many consumers always choose faucets according to the style of faucets, in fact, a faucet is good or not, is focus on the function and structure.

    First, the key point of faucet quality is valve. There are three kinds of valve in the markets now, there are ceramic valve, ball valve and seal valve.
    Ceramic valve is a new kind of valve material which has good seal function and very stable and has long using-life.
    Faucet body is usually made of brass, bronze or brass alloy casting, of course the one casting is best.
    If you want to identify the quality of faucets, you’d better in base of function and structure.



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    From the function:

    1.The bathtub faucets which is usually called as ‘three set’ faucet has two water hole that one is to connect bathtub shower and the other is to connect the under effluent faucet for shower bathing.

    2.Bathroom sink faucet has short water hole and is mainly for people to wash and clean.

    3.For kitchen faucets, if your kitchen has hot water hose, this kitchen faucet will be center set. In addition, the water hole of kitchen faucet is usually very tall and lengthen, maybe some kitchen faucets will have soft pipe design for convenient washing functions.

    From the structure:

    1.Single handle faucets: This type faucet has advantages such as flexible switch, convenient temperature adjust and long-time using. The price of this single handle faucets is upper middle class, suit for some economic conditions families.

    2.Faucets with a 90-degree switch: This type also used ceramic valve, but is has improvement of changing the original rubber seal for the ceramic seal on the basic traditional two handle design. You can turn on the handle with 90 degree rotatable and has two handles for cold and hot water control. The features is convenient, the price of this type faucets is suitable for many consumers.

    3.Traditional faucet of jack-screw stable and rubber-dense: It has large volume of water, the maintenance is simple; and the price is relatively low.

    4.Stainless steel ball valve and lifting seal faucets: This type usually used for imported faucets, even some of them are temperature control so it has high price.

  • 18Jun

    Because of its water-saving performance, electric faucet and constant temperature quickly reach the performance loved by the people, the use of quality electric faucet part stems from its own materials and excellent production process, while on the other hand is derived from the quality of the installation of electric faucet , electric faucet installation procedures and processes directly determine the quality of its installation. Specific installation process and steps are as follows:

    1, Install the filter:

    Electric faucet must be installed at the water inlet filter, because a small amount of debris in the water, so as not to get stuck floating magnetic electric faucet or clogged shower faucet. If the filter is clogged, it will reduce the flow rate, the water becomes small, floating magnetic inactivity electric faucet can not be heated. After a period of time to remove the filter for cleaning electric faucet, can be used.


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    2. Check the float magnetic position:

    The installer when installing electric faucet must remember to check the magnetic float is in the lower end, it is in the state of freedom of movement, in order to ensure the normal use of electric faucet. Because the floating magnetic hydroelectric interlocking switch, open the valve automatic heating, water heating is stopped off, if floating debris stuck magnetic, electric faucet will be dry or without heating phenomenon, cleared away the debris floating on the magnetic order working properly.

    3, Do not use mixing valve:

    Do not use electric faucet mixing valve, because the use of a mixing valve if it will hit the middle of the hot and cold water while mixing flow, then water flow will be smaller, resulting in electric faucet water temperature is too high, excessive temperature, Variable hot and cold water phenomenon occurs. Staff should be told to use a mixing valve client directly boot to the hot side, without mixing in cold water, this product will make life longer and difficult to scale.

    4, Control water flow:

    Electric faucet manufacturers must use when equipped with special showers, electric faucet under normal operating conditions, to regulate water flow or temperature plus high-end digital upgrade. The average user does not control the habit faucet flow, causing the water temperature can not reach the intended effect.

    In short, the requirements of installation for electric faucet is professional, it is best to seek professional recommendation, the company for such product purchases, because most large enterprises will be equipped with professional installation team on-site installation services and installation of quality than the average master more professional, I suggest that the owners still do not covet a moment of cheap bars.

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  • 15Jun

    Modern bathroom faucet is a class of common life hardware products which can not only decorate the entire bathroom faucet appearance, but also in the details reflect the quality of life of users, but in the process of using the bathroom faucet will inevitably appear faucet leakage phenomenon, if long-term in such a situation, not only a waste of water, but can not ensure clean and dry the entire bathroom space, the sanitary quality of life will decline, how to fix a leaky bathroom faucet?


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    First, the owners need to understand a leaky faucet is caused by water leakage, do not forget that after the pressure of water entering the home, so the faucet handle in the “off” position, must have watertight seals stop the inflow water. This seal is typically done by the washer tightly against the faucet seat formed. Obviously, if the seat faucet washers or wrong, there are some water may drip from the faucet leaking and mouth. To prevent such a drip, you usually only need to be replaced or repaired faucet washer seat.

    If the gasket problems caused by leaking taps when repairing leaky faucet at first the first thing to do is to shut off water, simply turn off a faucet near the water supply valve can be shut off water, and then the washer can replace, when for a good washer and then be open water, and turn on the tap, detecting whether there leaking.

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  • 09Jun

    For modern bathroom decoration, the bathroom faucet is essential, and the space in the bathroom faucet is very much exposed to, such as the bathroom sink faucets, shower faucets, bathtub faucets, thermostatic faucets and bidet faucets; no matter what type of faucet is, if you want its performance can be lasting stability and long life, then in the course are required consumers carefully maintained.

    At present, there are various types of faucets on the market and most of the steel materials are used for this material in the course of the faucet should be how to maintain it?


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    1, we must first focus on the installation quality bathroom faucet, the best experienced and qualified professionals construction and installation. When installed, the faucet should try not to bump with a hard object, do not cement, glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss coating.

    2, in the process of using the bathroom faucet, water tap not too much force, gently turn to homeopathy. Even the traditional-style taps, nor do they need a lot of effort to twist the dead. In particular not to handle or use as a handrail for support, otherwise it will lead to the bathroom faucet life is too short.

    3. bathtub faucet shower metal hose should be kept natural stretch state, do not be coiled when not on the faucet. Also, when you use or not, pay attention to the body’s joints do not form a hose and dead, in order to avoid breaking or damage hose.

    4, in the case of pressure is not lower than 0.02mpaz in use for some time, if found to reduce the amount of water, even the water heater flameout phenomenon, can be at the head of the outlet cover gently unscrew the screen, remove impurities, generally can be restored as ever.

    Although the bathroom faucet head is relatively small, but if in the course of its good maintenance, resulting in shortened life, may in turn affect the quality of life of your entire bathroom!

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  • 05Jun

    Shower faucet is necessary hardware in modern bathroom decoration, and it usually used for bathing in bathroom. There are many types of shower faucets in the markets according to the water type and material of shower faucets. As a consumer, what tips shall I pay attention to? How to buy a high quality shower faucet? So you should looks tips below carefully.

    1.Watch the water type

    Shower faucets with good design can ensure that each shower water distribution orifices are basically the same, so you should choose shower water. The water efficient function is key point to be considered when buying shower faucets. Some shower faucets have ball valve, and matching with hot water controller which can adjust the water of hot hose in order to let the hot water be fast. Let the shower tilt to water, if the water spray holes in topmost significantly smaller or simply do not, the internal design of the shower is very general, even if there is a variety of water way lasing and injection, the user may also not be appropriate pleasant experience.

    shower faucet

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    2.Watch the shower spout

    The water hole of shower faucets will be stoppage because of the dirt in the screen cover. All the shower faucet will have dirt stoppage with the long time using, if the dirt don’t have cleanness some water hole will be stoppage. In order to avoid the stoppage according to the bad quality water, the design of shower faucet usually be protrusion which is easy for cleaning. Or some water hole is made of silicone material, you can clean the dirt just with your hands or cloth.

    3.Watch the finish and valve

    Generally speaking, the brighter the finish of shower faucets is, the better technology of finish layer will be. And good quality shower faucets have ceramic valve which is sleek, anti-corrosion and no leaking. Consumers should try the handle by yourselves, if the hand touching is not good, you’d better not buy this shower faucet.

    4.Watch the accessories

    Shower faucet Accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, so it need extra attention. Such as pipes and lift rod is flexible or not, how shower hose steel wire bending resistance ability, whether rainfall connection with anti-twist wrapped around the ball bearing, the riser is safe rotary controller.

  • 02Jun

    Kitchen Faucets is an ordinary ware in the modern bathroom space. High quality faucets don’t only have beautiful appearance to decorate the whole bathroom, but also have details to show the living quality of users’ life. But it will have leak phonetics more or less, if it happens for a long time, it waste a lot water, even can not ensure the cleanness of bathroom. So in order to maintain the quality of bathing life, how to repair the leaking problem?

    If you want to change the seals of faucets, you’d better to do follow the steps:

    kitchen faucet

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    1.Turn off the water supple, then remove the faucet handle

    2.Screw off the nut, the take the nut and old seal from the valve.

    3.Install the new seal, if you are using a linear sealing material please wrapped around it a few times around the spool. If it is soft wire you only need to wrapped around the spool once.

    4.Before you install the faucets back, please on the spool of thread and coated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the packing nut threads to ensure the sealing performance.

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