• 29May

    Electric faucets as a new type water efficient product in the market has thermostatic water temperature during the using process and is very comfortable for using, so it become more and more popular for many people. But in the market, the electric faucets has different quality level which is not only according to the material and texture of faucet itself, but also according to the installation quality of the faucets. So we need to pay attention to some important factors when we install the electric faucets.


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    Installation tips for electric faucets:

    1.Do not use hot water too long for each single time.

    2.Get ready to make antifreeze, it can not be used while frozen, you should be sure to turn off the power.

    3.Do not have invert installation for using.

    4.Please contact with the service department before purchasing for that non-water, bungalows and the top floor.

    5.After installation, please make sure the water is completely discharged (hot zone), and then connect the power supply.

    6.The handle is lifted up to open, it is down to close(for the first time: pass before water power)

    7.Red toward is hot zone the blue toward is cold zone. In hot area, the lower water temperature will be the bigger amount of water is, while the higher water temperature is the smaller water will be.

    Of course, if consumers can not make sure the installation quality of bathroom electric faucets, the best suggestion for you is to find a professional workers to help you. You should know the quality of installation for electric faucets is important for the performance of faucets and can use for a long time.

  • 26May

    Thermostatic shower faucets is a class sanitary ware products which is often used in modern bathroom for the shower bathing, because it can maintain a constant temperature, so the bath course can bring a very comfortable feeling, and because the water temperature is constant during use you have no need to stop the diversion, and it can also save water, but not all users are suitable for use thermostatic shower faucet, what attention for the thermostatic shower use? Let me analyze of it, I hope to help you have into the shower thermostat further understanding and awareness!

    1, there is a small solid lumps tap water is not suitable for users thermostatic shower faucet, because it will have on its clogged, it will naturally affect the water temperature;

    2, such as tap water containing powdered precipitate or soft foreign bodies may reduce the sensitivity of the thermostat valve body, it may shorten the life of thermostatic shower faucet;

    3, try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet so that the water can reach the faucet as soon as possible;

    4, the normal use of water pressure 0.05Mpa ~ 0.6 Mpa; if insufficient water pressure, the water is too small will cause its reach cozy bath effect, if the pressure is too large, will cause it to burst water pipes;


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    5, hot and cold water supply pipe must not be installed wrong, the hot water pipe must be on the left, the cold water pipe must be in the right;

    6, must thermostatic shower faucet before installing clean installation site, in order to avoid damage to the leading small lumps of gravel apron, thread, thermostatic valve body and other parts;

    7, the installation of thermostatic shower, be sure to follow the instructions of the installation instructions, paying special attention not to be left out, loss or damage of any shims or apron;

    8, thermostatic shower faucet does not have a heating function, set the water heater temperature adjusted to 60 ℃ ~ 85 ℃;

    9, showers and shower pipe can not withstand temperatures above 60 ℃;

    10, after each use, be sure to adjust the knob to the left of the water temperature below 40 ℃;

    11, such as hot and cold water pressure difference is too large, please adjust the valve bracket with a screwdriver, the use of gas water heaters family more important to note that.

    In short, the use of thermostatic showers process must be in accordance with the above manner, in accordance with thermostatic shower Precautions its use, will be able to ensure its service life and performance.

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  • 23May

    Nowadays, the market has dazzling array of faucets. So, how to choose faucet for bathroom? We can consider from the following aspects:

    Material And Progress of Appearance

    The faucets we usually seen with metal bright has chrome finish. Two layers chrome finish is more hard and rust-resistant than single layer chrome finish, and it it also not easy to attach and fingerprints scale, and the plating process is good, the faucet has high gloss. In addition, faucet has another plus chrome gold, white, white plus gold surface practice, the choice is depending on the style of the basin.

    Has Different ‘heart’ inside

    Faucet housing, which is hidden under the modeling part “coat”, you can not see, then you should ask the sales staff about its material, generally it is iron casting , brass casting and so on, the latter excellent quality, the price is higher than the former.
    The key parts of the controlling flow is the “heart” of faucet: balls valve or ceramic valve. The original faucet flow is controlled by a rubber mat, is easy to aging, and the life is short, and then leak, ball or ceramic valve has replaced it, wear resistance, high temperature, which has better quality ceramic faucet.

    bathroom faucet

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    More Open Ways

    Designers will spend a lot of thought on the faucet opening ways. The conventional way has: by hand, pulling, rotating, slide, pedal, etc., is therefore changing the shape of the handle, choose, depends on your habits set. With the improvement of scientific and technological content, the advent of automatic sensor faucet, water that is near to hand out, so convenient, it’s expensive.
    Faucet production need to test
    The faucet international professional industry standards prescribed shall be by 500,000 times switch test, qualified before allowing high after leading production market. But different origin provisions vary the number of tests, you need to ask the salesperson to this situation, to obtain relevant information.

    To sum up, as long as the choice of faucet Note: Spool, water flow, coating, appearance, texture points, you can select a desirable faucet.


  • 20May

    The function of shower faucet in the bathroom is variety, it can match with the washing basin, bathtub, shower bathtub and other big bathroom furniture, in order to perfect the whole bathroom life. But the quality of shower faucet is not only focus on the appearance, but also should be pay attention to the material of faucet body, in addition, some quality problems may caused by installation. Do you know how to install the shower faucets? Today let me tell you some tip for installation of shower faucets here.

    First, before installation, shower faucet need to brush with clean water to clean the dirt in the pipe. Then removing the debris in mounting hole, and check the box of accessories are not doped impurity, in order not to clogged or abrasion the ceramic valve, to avoid clogged for the next using.

    Second, the connection of metal hose has no need to consider the installation place of the hose, but you should pay attention to the installation length of the hose. Usually the hose is 50cm(imported size, some brands has hard hose), if you want to use the hard hose to connect the pipe, you should buy the faucet first then lay water pipes according to the length of the hard hose. From the life, of course, hard hose is better than the soft hose. For the same opinion, when the installation of sink faucets, if you lay the pipe above the sink, so the faucet with wall mounted installation is better than the common sink bathroom faucets installation.

    faucet installation

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    Third, if you like to choose imported faucets, you should pay attention to the fittings of this kind faucets because the related fittings has different requirement compared with the national faucets. Common imported faucets has two type hose of hard and soft, and has more for the soft hose(stainless steel braided hose), and the events nut end has 3/8 inch which has only matching fitting for the imported triangle valve. In addition, the length of water nozzle assembly is 11/4 inch.

    Fourth, to take over the pipe when the left is hot, right is cold, the distance of the two hose is 100mm-200mm. Water connection fixed position before removing the faucet, after plastering the walls to be finished, and then install the faucet, so as not to tap the surface coating is worn, scratched. If you use the shower like imported products, the pre-installed booster pump out the water to ensure its stability during use.

    Of course, if you can not grasp their own quality of the installation, the proposal for you is still looking for a professional faucet installation master, you should know the quality of the installation of bathroom faucet greatly affects its performance, and then it is reflected in the sanitary quality of people’s lives.

  • 18May

    Although the shower faucet is small among the bathroom furniture, it is also an necessary part of bathroom. If we don’t take care of the shower faucet with scientifically methods, the shower faucet will aggregate scale after a long-time using, then it will happen poor water or flow disorders and some other unhappy situations. The scale cleaning is an necessary work for shower faucets, and with different own functions of shower faucet itself, the cleaning may divided into three kinds:

    First, Manual cleaning:

    This method may need to remove the net cover or other adsorption scale parts of shower faucet, and then fix back after cleaning with a brush. Shower faucets of some brands have professional shower head opener at the time of sale for convenient using for consumers.

    shower faucet

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    Second, Hand-wipe cleaning:

    This kind faucet has silicone water hole design. Silicone material is soft and comfortable, not easy for scale and easy for cleaning. You just need to wipe the silicone water hole with your finger, then you can easily crumple and pop the scale. This method of cleaning has good use of the characteristics of the material, so it is now more popular on the market.

    Third, automatic cleaning:

    For some special structure of shower faucets, the scale will automatically clean away during the using process. For example, some shower faucets have a cleaning needle inside, when the water type is changing, the cleaning needle will automatically pop the scale away.

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  • 14May

    Shower faucet is necessary in modern bathing life, and the kind of shower faucets is variety, even the most common kind which is divided according to the material has many types. People have particular care about the water of shower faucet when they are purchasing because different water type will bring different bathing feelings. How many water types for shower faucets? And what are they? Today I will introduce these water types to you, hope it can help you on the purchasing of shower faucets.
    1.Common water:

    Common water means the basic water for bathing, with many water hole to have many formation of outlet water in order to create large area of rain shower to enjoy the happiness of bathing. Suitable for simple fast bathing.

    2.Soft water:

    Soft water has overflow with air injection technology which combined air with water to get soft and comfortable shower water. This water type is very suit for hair washing for the soft feeling which is good for your health.

    shower faucet

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    3.Massage water:

    To have massage water through the shower rotor cavity by a small amount of water together, and then sprayed out at predetermined intervals to form massage water. This type shower water has strong powerful overflow and has intermittent pouring to stimulate the body’s each acupuncture points. Such strong pulse flow has both massage and refreshing effect.

    4.Straight water:

    Straight water has strong overflow and can increase the funny with the fog effect through the collision between water.

    5.Turbo water:

    Turbo water has straight overflow to give your skin micro hemp slightly itchy feeling, this water can be a good way of bathing stimulation to have a clear mind.

    Of course, different types of water give people different feelings about bathing. So which water type will choose? You’d better choose it according to your favorite and the furniture in your bathroom room.

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  • 11May

    Though the faucet is small and not massive like other furniture, but it is important in the whole bathroom space. If there is not any faucets and some small fittings in the bathroom to match these furniture,the bathing quality can not appear in the whole bathroom space, so the little faucet need our careful maintenance during the using process. But how to keep maintenance for bathroom faucets? Do you have any efficient methods? Now, I can teach you some ways to do.

    First, the best ideal cleaning method for bathroom faucet is that clean the faucet with fresh water, then wipe dry the surface water of the faucet with soft cotton cloths because after evaporation of water there will being furring on the metal surface. Do not vigorously rub the surface, you’d better gently wipe. With wet sponges and chamois to wipe, faucet can have bright luster.

    clean faucet

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    Second, you’d better wipe the faucet surface with a mild liquid glass cleaner, or acid-free, non-abrasive gentle liquid. No friction solution polish removable thick solid mask on tap and deposits. Never use any abrasive cleaner, cloth or paper cloth, and any acid-containing cleaning agents, polishing abrasive agents or rough cleaner.

    Third, if you find the reduce the amount of water, and have even food stall phenomenon after a period of time, you can gently unscrew the screen cover at the outlet of the faucet, then remove the impurities, it will generally be restored as ever.

    Of course the quality of faucet installation is very important. If consumers can not be sure it is the quality of the installation, it is best to request professional installers to install the faucet, you should know that it directly determines the water situation in the bathroom space.

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  • 07May

    There are many equipment in the bathroom space, and compared with these equipment faucet is smaller. But people always feel the improvement of house life through these smaller ones. So the faucet is important in the whole bathroom space. How to choose a faucet for bathroom? Today I will talk about this.

    Firstly, if you want to choose faucets for bathroom, you should consider the fact situation of your house. In your bathroom, if there is not enough hot water supply, you had better not use the split faucet with hot and cold water. It is unnecessary for your bathroom.

    In addition, you also have to consider the question that whether the faucet can match the toilet, I mean the type and size must be match, or you will have some problems for installation.

    bathroom faucet

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    Then, the color and type of faucet should be suit and match. I get a simple principle to tell you which is classical with classical, modern with modern. This means if your bathroom is based on cold color, you can choose faucet in silver color, or if your bathroom is based on warm color, you should choose gold faucet instead. Also if your bathroom has complicated style, you can choose white faucet.

    Now, there are two types of faucets for bathroom, one is basin mount, the other is bathtub side spray mount. And faucet itself has center set and split two type. You can choose hose installation and concealed mount according to your fact. The hose installation is convenient and easy, but the concealed installation is pretty with a little difficult.

    I suggest that before you decorate the house, you’d better go to each Building Materials City to have a look, get some knowledge about faucets. The last tip is that during the installation of faucet, no matter which type of faucet you choose, first you must have good waterproof layer.

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  • 04May

    The touch-less faucet is a kind of automatic faucet which is convenient hands free using and no need for handing watering like the common faucets. When you use this kind faucet, you just need to put your hands or water container or washing items into the sensing distance, then the faucet will water automatically and after your hands leave, it stops watering at once. In the course it is can not only avoid the traditional mechanical faucet during use may lead to cross-infection, but also achieve effective water-saving features.

    There are many different kinds of this faucet on sales in the market, and the production strength of each factory is not same, so as lay consumers how can we choose the touch-less faucet? And what information should we pay attention to?

    touchless faucet

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    1.Look at the material:

    Look at the faucet body and electroplated finish to see whether it is sleek or not. That is because in the kitchen space in wet conditions faucet usually has chrome finish, and this technology has a big gap. According to business reports, good faucet body use all-copper material, has the surface to be polished, polishing, dust, nickel, chrome and other treatment processes, to ensure that the use will not change UFA black, sparkling off, in general, from the surface of faucet, the naked eye can see the light and delicate, coating treatment process, the better it will be.

    2.Try the Sensor:

    According to the sensing time and water time in the product book, you should try in the scene to see whether it is true or not and mainly to see its time delay is too long, how sensing range, sensor is sensitive.

    3.Watch the service:

    Sensor is a Technology Products, it will have some problems such as insensitive at one time or too sensitive. So when you purchase this product, you had better ask clearly about specific provisions and write the terms of service in the purchase contract.

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