• 28Apr

    Today many people prefer to choose the shower room in their bathroom. The installation of shower room of course needs to install the shower faucet. When you are going to install the shower faucet, you don’t only need to ensure the quality of installation, but also need to ensure the comfortable using of shower faucet, so you should consider the installation length of shower faucet. But many people have not know how to determine the length of shower faucet. Now let me tell you about this and I hope it can help all of you.

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    The length of shower faucet is concerned with the way of installation. Generally speaking, the water hole of concealed shower faucet is about 210cm above the floor, and the under effluent faucet is about 110cm above the floor. There is another elevating shower faucet, the installation length of shower spout is about 200cm above the floor.

    Of course, these standards may as a consideration. In fact, you should adjust the standard according to your family general height. And each family has different general height, so you should not just use the standard. It needs your adjustment of real general height.

    So, for the comfortable installation length of shower faucet, the answer is not the same, and should fix according to the height. Best length of shower faucet is 20-30cm above the height of users, this is the best comfortable length.

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