• 20Apr

    Using small faucet in the bathroom space really can not be ignored, so when consumers buy these small bathroom hardware products, the proposal should still be carried out in accordance with its functional requirements for faucet product selection, before the selection of bathroom taps, at first let’s know click what kind on the market according to its application!

    First up from the use of function points, roughly there is a bathtub faucet, bathroom sink faucet, kitchen faucet three kinds, collectively, called the “three-piece”, which generally have a unified style and form.

    basin faucet


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    Second, from a structural point of view, also generally three categories: one is the single-handle type, which are a kind of leader and are more popular with the current with have ceramic valve, the advantage of this type is switching and flexible, easy temperature adjustment, long life, the price of 200$ to 300$; second category is 90 degrees with a switch, and also use of ceramic valve, is based on the traditional double handle, changing the original rubber seal for the ceramic seal, hoist when rotated 90 degrees to the handle, adjust the points on both sides of the hot and cold water, which is characterized by easy to open, style more, prices between 100 $ to 150$; the third category is the traditional jack-screw stable rubber seals faucet, because of its large volume of water, the price is relatively low, usually around 50$ to 90$, and easy maintenance, is still subject to some people welcome.

    In short, whether the consumer is like what material, what type of faucet products, be sure to recommend their product selection and purchase at the time of purchase in accordance with the actual needs of the situation! And have to pay attention to its material, energy performance, water as well as switch mode etc when buying tap.

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