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    Mop pool faucet is a class of hardware products which will be installed in most modern bathroom space, mainly for clean washing cloth, so it is a dedicated leader mops and other cleaning supplies. Its main material contains brass, zinc alloy plus copper, plastic, iron, stainless steel and so on several kinds of different materials and mop leading performance and the market price is different.

    To buy a good quality mop pool faucet products, consumers have to start from the following several aspects to consider to start, and each step needs to pay attention to the details of the selection.

    1, turn the handle: lightweight spool feel and good valve

    Common faucet valve has two types of steel ball valve and ceramic valve. Ball valve has good resistance to pressure capability, but the drawback is the role of the rubber seals for sealing easy loss, aging quickly. And ball valve compared to the more heat-resistant ceramic valve while ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, it can achieve a high number of open resistance, not because of wear and tear caused by the valve faucet dripping. Faucet with ceramic valve, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open and close rapidly.

    2, see Appearance: bright as a mirror coating want

    After grinding and polishing faucets molded surface to be plated nickel or chrome faucets to prevent oxidation of nickel or chrome plated faucets were medium to hydroelectric acid test, within a certain time after the coating should be no corrosion test. It is understood that only through the faucet to the factory neutral salt spray test. When consumers buy, the best place in the tap-lit place to see, tap the surface should be bright as a mirror, no oxidation spots, scorch marks, no holes, no blistering, plated seamless, uniform color; with hand touch no glitches, sand; after pressing with a finger tap, fingerprints quickly spread, and difficult to adhere dirt.

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    3. To test: more quality assurance

    Usually faucet body is made brass.Products made with brass plating to ensure the best quality, the higher the purity brass has the better plating quality will be, the more difficult the plating layer on the surface corrosion. Some manufacturers to reduce costs, use zinc alloy instead of brass, although the state allows the use of zinc alloy instead of brass, but the poor quality zinc alloy plating, corrosion resistance is not strong. In general, consumers in the purchase method can be used to identify the estimated weight, heavy brass harder, zinc alloy lighter softer, of course, require businesses to produce better-related quality inspection report, to ensure that their taps quality.

    4. Test the water: the rich foaming prevail

    Consumers in the purchase, you should try to choose the faucet with a bubbler and hand touch feeling of water, and water with soft foam (water bubble content) rich description bubbler better quality. Bubbler generally has six layers, usually made of metal grille (plastic part), water passes through the nets will be cut into the middle of a lot of water mixed with a small air, the water will not fall apart.

    Of course, in order to further the safe side, we recommend that the majority of consumers still choose some of the best-known local brands compare the products were to buy it, you know, generally large brands service system is very good, oh, and most Fortunately, be sure to write the purchase contract to purchase the product of their terms of service, which will have a quality assurance!

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