• 30Apr

    The so-called touch-less faucet is a class faucet which does not need to accept that people force but can automatically work, now sensor faucets on the market are mostly based on infrared sensors, when people are approached, its automatic water due to receive induction, when people leave , which automatically turns off the water, is very easy to use, are generally widely used in a number of hotels, restaurants and more places, to avoid people frequently open faucet and cause damage, sensor faucet and open the faucet using the traditional manual has a very distinct advantage, particularly primary reflected in the following aspects:

    1.Smart Saving:

    Automatic control for open and close the faucet, when you put your hands or something else into the automatic distance, the faucet will water automatically and cut off the water when your hands left, has good water efficient function.

    2.Timeout Protection:

    Has automatic cutting off water function after 30 seconds to avoid waste of water resources within the sensing range.

    3.Convenient and Health:

    Turn on and off the water all by the sensor without hands touching, effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection.

    touchless faucet

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    4.Smart Power:

    This type faucet is using modern digital technology to ultra-low power (DC products use 4 AA alkaline batteries, the quiescent current ≤60μA).

    5.Good Adaptability:

    We can adjust to different environments based on sensor sensitivity, are mainly in the sensing range.

    6. The Production Process:

    Copper casting, chrome finish, eternal luster; and has streamlined design and modern feeling.

    7. Easy Maintenance:

    Built-in filter to prevent impurities affect the normal work flow into the solenoid valve, and is easy to clean.

    8. Weak Prompt:

    DC-type products with a battery replacement prompts, when battery power is low, the status indicator is lit, indicating the timely replacement of the battery.

    9. Suitable Applications:

    Suit for hotels, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places.

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  • 28Apr

    Today many people prefer to choose the shower room in their bathroom. The installation of shower room of course needs to install the shower faucet. When you are going to install the shower faucet, you don’t only need to ensure the quality of installation, but also need to ensure the comfortable using of shower faucet, so you should consider the installation length of shower faucet. But many people have not know how to determine the length of shower faucet. Now let me tell you about this and I hope it can help all of you.

    shower faucet
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    The length of shower faucet is concerned with the way of installation. Generally speaking, the water hole of concealed shower faucet is about 210cm above the floor, and the under effluent faucet is about 110cm above the floor. There is another elevating shower faucet, the installation length of shower spout is about 200cm above the floor.

    Of course, these standards may as a consideration. In fact, you should adjust the standard according to your family general height. And each family has different general height, so you should not just use the standard. It needs your adjustment of real general height.

    So, for the comfortable installation length of shower faucet, the answer is not the same, and should fix according to the height. Best length of shower faucet is 20-30cm above the height of users, this is the best comfortable length.

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  • 23Apr

    The so-called electric faucet is actually a class of fast hot water tap, which in the course of a short time in the most heated water, and so moisture is kept constant, give people a very comfortable bathing experience, especially in the winter time , bathroom space use this type of faucet is very comfortable, but users say such a relatively short life of electric faucet, I think this is mainly used in the normal process, people care enough to their efforts, What’s matter should bathroom electric faucet pay attention to when used?

    1. Unscrew the hose joints under the faucet has a small circular filter, a long time will cause the water does not accumulate a lot of residue smooth, so it is not enough water pressure will cause the heating element inside the faucet dry, serious influence the life of the faucet. Way is one to two months, the filter will be cleaned once.

    electric faucet

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    2, open the faucet when it is to the left on a hot while to the right on a cold, the correct way is to turn to the right to open and then slowly turned handle to the left. Don not open directly toward left, because before we open the faucet, there is no water in it, if you first turn left, the heating element immediately on the heat, but the water from the pipes to fill the faucet may cost one or two seconds, then this two seconds faucet is in the dry state which is also a long time will also affect the life of the faucet.

    3.Remember the faucet outlet can not add to other pipes. Some people may think that use a hose connected to the tap so water can outlet to facilitate receipt of other places, in fact, this is very bad, and now electric faucet can withstand the pressure chamber has a standard, if a tube connected to a large extent, then it increases the pressure, if the pressure in the case of sufficiently large leak may be the leading light in weight will burst open faucet.

    In short, the everyday use of electric faucet precautions are more maintenance performed only from the bathroom of their life bit by bit, so as to ensure the use of stable performance and long service life!

  • 20Apr

    Using small faucet in the bathroom space really can not be ignored, so when consumers buy these small bathroom hardware products, the proposal should still be carried out in accordance with its functional requirements for faucet product selection, before the selection of bathroom taps, at first let’s know click what kind on the market according to its application!

    First up from the use of function points, roughly there is a bathtub faucet, bathroom sink faucet, kitchen faucet three kinds, collectively, called the “three-piece”, which generally have a unified style and form.

    basin faucet


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    Second, from a structural point of view, also generally three categories: one is the single-handle type, which are a kind of leader and are more popular with the current with have ceramic valve, the advantage of this type is switching and flexible, easy temperature adjustment, long life, the price of 200$ to 300$; second category is 90 degrees with a switch, and also use of ceramic valve, is based on the traditional double handle, changing the original rubber seal for the ceramic seal, hoist when rotated 90 degrees to the handle, adjust the points on both sides of the hot and cold water, which is characterized by easy to open, style more, prices between 100 $ to 150$; the third category is the traditional jack-screw stable rubber seals faucet, because of its large volume of water, the price is relatively low, usually around 50$ to 90$, and easy maintenance, is still subject to some people welcome.

    In short, whether the consumer is like what material, what type of faucet products, be sure to recommend their product selection and purchase at the time of purchase in accordance with the actual needs of the situation! And have to pay attention to its material, energy performance, water as well as switch mode etc when buying tap.

  • 17Apr

    Mop pool faucet is a class of hardware products which will be installed in most modern bathroom space, mainly for clean washing cloth, so it is a dedicated leader mops and other cleaning supplies. Its main material contains brass, zinc alloy plus copper, plastic, iron, stainless steel and so on several kinds of different materials and mop leading performance and the market price is different.

    To buy a good quality mop pool faucet products, consumers have to start from the following several aspects to consider to start, and each step needs to pay attention to the details of the selection.

    1, turn the handle: lightweight spool feel and good valve

    Common faucet valve has two types of steel ball valve and ceramic valve. Ball valve has good resistance to pressure capability, but the drawback is the role of the rubber seals for sealing easy loss, aging quickly. And ball valve compared to the more heat-resistant ceramic valve while ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, it can achieve a high number of open resistance, not because of wear and tear caused by the valve faucet dripping. Faucet with ceramic valve, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open and close rapidly.

    2, see Appearance: bright as a mirror coating want

    After grinding and polishing faucets molded surface to be plated nickel or chrome faucets to prevent oxidation of nickel or chrome plated faucets were medium to hydroelectric acid test, within a certain time after the coating should be no corrosion test. It is understood that only through the faucet to the factory neutral salt spray test. When consumers buy, the best place in the tap-lit place to see, tap the surface should be bright as a mirror, no oxidation spots, scorch marks, no holes, no blistering, plated seamless, uniform color; with hand touch no glitches, sand; after pressing with a finger tap, fingerprints quickly spread, and difficult to adhere dirt.

    mop pool faucet4.15

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    3. To test: more quality assurance

    Usually faucet body is made brass.Products made with brass plating to ensure the best quality, the higher the purity brass has the better plating quality will be, the more difficult the plating layer on the surface corrosion. Some manufacturers to reduce costs, use zinc alloy instead of brass, although the state allows the use of zinc alloy instead of brass, but the poor quality zinc alloy plating, corrosion resistance is not strong. In general, consumers in the purchase method can be used to identify the estimated weight, heavy brass harder, zinc alloy lighter softer, of course, require businesses to produce better-related quality inspection report, to ensure that their taps quality.

    4. Test the water: the rich foaming prevail

    Consumers in the purchase, you should try to choose the faucet with a bubbler and hand touch feeling of water, and water with soft foam (water bubble content) rich description bubbler better quality. Bubbler generally has six layers, usually made of metal grille (plastic part), water passes through the nets will be cut into the middle of a lot of water mixed with a small air, the water will not fall apart.

    Of course, in order to further the safe side, we recommend that the majority of consumers still choose some of the best-known local brands compare the products were to buy it, you know, generally large brands service system is very good, oh, and most Fortunately, be sure to write the purchase contract to purchase the product of their terms of service, which will have a quality assurance!

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  • 15Apr

    Many consumers always focus on material, water type and weather efficient or not when they are going to choose faucet matching to the bathroom using, any seldom consumers pay attention to the on-off mode of faucet. Acutely, the on-off mode of faucet is also very important because good on-off mode can not only ensure the long-time using of the faucet, but can also reach the result of water efficient.

    Now there are screw type, wrench type, lift type and automatic type on the market according to ordinary family.

    Handles using of screw type faucet is difficult because you should rotate it several times when you want to use it. As we know, people often turn off the faucet when use hand sanitizer for saving water, and you will find some trouble when you want to turn it on again because your hands with sanitizer are slip, and if the faucet touch some hand sanitizer it will suffer rust and will get bad.


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    Lift type faucet is convenient for lifting handle up and you can control the overflow through the turning degree, convenient and safe.

    Automatic type faucet will automatic water when you put your hands under the faucet, but the sensing time is long and not smart. But it is very convenient for using, and it can save water and be healthy.

    Wrench faucet just need to rotate the handle to 90 degree and you can also control the overflow through the handle.

    In a word, difficult on-off mode has different advantages for their own. So which one is the best choice for us? It is mostly according to the actual fact of consumers.

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