• 17Mar

    It is self-evident that bathroom-supplies account for a large proportion in modern life, so this situation promotes the development of more valuable websites, including Faucetsinhome.com.

    As a professional online store, faucetsinhome.com as been popular among large amount of enterprises and consumers. The company has a group of young workers, who have the most ambition to produce new things and they are willing to devoted themselves to helping all customers to solve the problems or choose ideal things.

    “We only sale products with high qualities and affordable prices, and we commit ourselves to environment protecting, energy saving, creative items making. Major products such as shower faucets and vessel sinks have been well received by vast number of users .”, said by product manager.

    bathroom sink

    “At the mention of bathroom sinks, you will think of white ones first. However, those artistic bathroom sinks on our website are more eye-catching because they are extremely different from those common sinks you saw before”, introduced by creative directer.

    A good humanized website must have excellent service, so does this website. Many people adopt a wait-and-see attitude to this website. At the same time, CEO of the website claims that they are concerned about what consumers want and need, and then design the products that can offer the best items for them.

    Bathroom Shower Faucets
    Black Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Shower Faucets
    Vintage style bathroom exposed shower faucet is full of American country style texture, used refined brass casting and has oil rubbed bronze to be durable, 8 inch top shower is lotus shaped and 36cm length to the wall, 4 inch hand shower is phone shaped, under faucet has single handle without a spout.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Jiangsu Yongku Internet Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Faucetsinhome
    Email: service@ogotobuy.com
    Tel: 1(347) 688 7991
    Country: China
    Website: http://www.faucetsinhome.com/

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  • 01Nov

    The brushed nickel kitchen faucet looks very amazing but yet it is known for its stylish design. There are many kitchen faucets available in the market but the brushed nickel kitchen faucet is wondrous, and it is known for its great design. This product is very much popular amongst the people.

    Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

    Especially this kitchen faucet is made up of nickel, and it provides modern appeal to the kitchen. Moreover, brushed nickel kitchen faucet comes with a great design which adds a charming accent to the ambiance in your kitchen. The product is designed in such a way that it will grab your attention instantly. Moreover, it can be used very easily. Also, this kitchen faucet is the commonly used faucet. The brushed nickel kitchen faucet is the kitchen faucets which has a great liver control with a good spout. However, the price of this faucet is bit high.

    Also, people can buy this product and surely it will enhance the look of their kitchen. Also, the brushed nickel kitchen faucet provides the vintage look to the kitchen. The brushed nickel kitchen faucet is made from the high-quality material. Moreover, this faucet is very much reliable and durable. Also, it will be very much easy while washing the large saucepans. The product is fully made up of nickel which is very much unswerving and easy to use.

    Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink Faucet

    The brushed nickel kitchen faucet is made up of nickel. Moreover, nickel is known for its durability. Also, it is shinier and free from any kinds of spot and starches. Mostly, in the nickel kitchen faucet all the products have very more toned down and softer look. Th faucet which is nickel finished they are little bit expensive compare to another faucet. However, they can work amazingly in traditional style kitchen.

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  • 27Oct

    Shower faucet always enhances the look of the bathroom. Shower faucet set is very much popular worldwide. Moreover, shower faucet is available in single and double handle design. However, single handle shower is very much popular amongst the people because it is very easy to handle. Moreover, the user can easily adjust the temperature of the shower.

    The two-handle shower is very much attractive, and mostly it is used to the traditional look. The manufacturers introduced the two handle shower faucets, and it has a third handle which works as the diverter for the shower. Moreover, pressure balancing valves keep the water temperature stable, and it eliminates the risk of scalding.

    Shower Faucet Sets Thermostatic

    There are many types of shower faucet set, but if you choose the shower faucets with ball, cartridge or ceramic-disk valves, it will be great and the product will be long lasting. Also, you will get greater longevity, and the performance will be excellent. Also, it is important that the shower faucet should have anti-scald protection which is also known as scald guards. Moreover, the shower faucet set has a great feature. In most of the shower faucet, it protects the shower from the unexpected outburst. Also, the outburst can be hot or cold water when the apparatuses are being used. The shower faucets are gorgeous. Moreover, people can buy this product. Also, they can enjoy the elegant look. All the look of the shower faucets is very nice, and it always makes the bathroom to an extravagance bathroom. Moreover, the design is an open and inviting look that adapts seamlessly with any decor scheme for a brilliant style.

    Massage the heated bathtub

    Actually, we can install a bathtub in the bathroom if the budget and space is permitted. Especially for women or girls, they like lying in the bathtub, listening to the music, enjoy a cup of wine to relax themselves. Then, this kind of modern bathtub is made of Acrylic, which is a high-end and durable material on the market. The unique design can give people a feeling of surfing on the sea. And it has the function of massage. There is the intelligent constant temperature heating system. The handrail is also a smart design to prevent people from falling down. With the collaboration of shower faucet, people will enjoy the showering effectively.

    Antique washbasin

    The bathroom basin is also necessary. The vintage and unique basin in chic shape can always attract people’s eyes firstly. The marble material is durable and will never get rusty or corroded. And it is easy to clean the dust and maintain the tidy appearance. The vintage style can decorate the bathroom into a shabby chic and oriental environment. The large capacity and the suitable size will not take up much space of your bathroom. You can also install the related faucet to match with the basin.

    All the products are spot resist which helps to maintain a cleaner look. Also, shower faucet is very easy to use. This product is coming with a warranty.

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  • 24Oct

    It is very paramount that bar faucets should be very stylish and there are many new stylish designs came in the last few years. The manufacturers and the designers have changed the bar faucets in the last few years. Moreover, they are continually including and defining new products that consolidate the innovative design and technological elegance with excellent functionality.

    Spout Kitchen Faucets

    There are many kinds of bar faucets which is very much useful in the bars. Moreover, the bar faucet is different from the regular faucet which is used in the regular sinks. However, they are diminutive, and the neckline is normally long and arched. The bar faucets come with different models such as pull out sprayer, single handle, and double handles. Moreover, the handles of the bar faucet are always in great designs like a lever or cross design. Also, there are different finishes available for bar faucets, such as chrome and brass. The unique style of the bar faucet typically comes with a variety of designs. Moreover, the lever handles come with a variety either they are straight or curved. On the other way, the cross handles are made up of two small bars which are made up of metal which converge in the middle and is available only on faucets which have two handles. However, they angled vertically or horizontally.

    bar faucets

    Also, bar faucet available in metal finish. The stylish metal finish is brass, but it needs to clear the coat so that it can remain shine all the time. In the chrome, it does not require any clear coat because usually, it is shiny. Also, nickel is a type of metal which does not need a heavy maintenance, and at the same time, it is durable. All this product is very easy to handle. The spout height is the 14.5. Also, the faucet comes with manufacturer warranty.

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  • 14Oct

    Faucets, if you think about it are a simple device you need for hot and cold water to wash your hands, dishes or clothes. However the right faucet can add a stylish accent to your room and the wrong one can single-handedly ruin the look of a room that might otherwise be absolutely flawless.

    Brass Kitchen Faucets One Hole

    Today new and old faucets in so many styles and with a lot many features so making up your mind can be quite difficult. Let’s take a brief look at the guide to the perfect faucet for you.

    Faucets come with variety of number of holes, one, two, three or four. You can choose the type of mount you prefer it could be wall mount if you like a fancy waterfall faucet, sink mount for simple pull down type of faucet for the ease of washing dishes and vegetables in the kitchen or a fancy wide-spaced three hole faucet in the bathroom . There are also deck mount options that can be mounted directly on the countertop, they are especially good if you choose an under-mount sink.

    The number of handles for the faucets can be one, two or you can choose a hands free faucet. Single handle faucet is especially good if you have kids in the house or like to have ease of access when one of your hands might not be free, a simple up or down motion can turn your faucet on. Two handles are an option if you have more than one holes in your sink, or fancy a design that has two handles. Some people prefer a hands free option that is hassle free and is good if you have people with limited mobility such as older people living in the house and they find faucets a bit tricky due to arthritis or joint pains.

    Finally let’s talk about the finish, the most common finishes are chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze and stainless steel. Some might like to purchase colored faucets to go with their decor.

    Bronze Waterfall Bathroom Faucets

    The style of your faucet will be determined by the theme of your kitchen or the bathroom. The price of your faucet depends upon the materials and the finish that you choose. A faucet with a ceramic disk valve and stainless steel or solid brass base materials is likely to be more durable and will cost more than one with plastic parts. A heavier faucet means better materials used in its making. Plastic faucets even if cheaper are not durable hence a poor value for money.

    The quest to get your perfect faucet will hopefully be simplified by the simple guide above. At the end of the day, a cheap faucet should not be a cheap made plastic faucet too, you are likely to find bargains and deals in more durable materials if you keep looking.

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  • 07Oct

    Your upgraded kitchen comes with all modern state-of-the-art appliances so how can you overlook your new sink? Kitchen sinks choices are no longer limited to how deep they should be and undermount or overmount, you can now choose a modern kitchen sink that looks stunning and adds further sophistication to your stylish kitchen.

    Nickel Brushed Stainless Steel kitchen sinks

    Kitchen sinks now, are not only made of simple stainless steel. You can now get acrylic, copper,cast iron, marble, ceramic and even concrete modern kitchen sinks.

    Nowadays modern kitchen sinks come in different shapes and styles, you can buy a fancy river sink for the island, it is not very wide but looks extremely elegant and is very practical, it is ideal for serving ice cold bottles or arranging chilled dessert glasses after filling it with ice. You can also buy a sink island in which the granite countertop slopes on either side to drain the water, this again is a narrow and stunning sink that does not take up a lot of space yet provides a new design element in your kitchen.

    If you want a deep modern kitchen sink you might get it custom made in concrete if you’re feeling adventurous, or a large double sink to hide all those dirty dishes away from the view. If you want to think out of the box try a sink with tiled surface, it’s sure to wow your friends and family. some people like a cohesive feel throughout their kitchen and like a stainless steel sink to go with their stainless steel appliances. Those stainless steel sinks are now available in different styles too, a sink with sieve on one side or a chopping board attachment for ease of washing and chopping vegetables and fruits is just one example. Modern kitchen sink could be an independent standing unit made of glass or polished steel with a LED faucet, or if you want some ethnic touch go for a Moroccan sink with a lovely waterfall faucet.

    kitchen sinks

    Type of modern kitchen sink you choose for your kitchen depends upon your requirements, usage, design and above all practicality. If you have a busy family life choosing a small fancy sink is not the ideal thing to do, if you still feel the urge to add a stylish sink go for an island sink that could be in the shape of a cocktail glass or even a guitar. But for the main sink out would be better to go for a more practical large and deep sink. You can add fancy touches to the deep sink too as we suggested above.

    Modern kitchen sinks are now available in so many varieties that you can easily find something that suits your taste as well as your budget. Look around for some ideas, Internet is a great tool for that. Visit some home improvement stores and look at their displays too and you will surely find the perfect fit.

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  • 05Oct

    When it comes to faucets for any sink, you might be thinking that’s simple right? There’s no rocket science to it, a faucet merely serves the purpose of giving hot or cold water! But a thing as simple as your faucet can be a defining feature of your design. Imagine a sleek, contemporary kitchen with state- of -the -art finish but with an old, tired looking faucet that sticks out like a sore thumb. So the perfect faucet can very much be the cherry on top of a beautiful design.

    Nowadays many people are opting for hands free faucets. They come with a lot of benefits and there are more than one type of hands free faucet. It is believed that hands free faucet is a great addition to any home, a few very attractive advantages are that they can help reduce water wastage that we usually see when someone especially children, leave the tap on. They minimize the spread of germs as you don’t have to turn the faucet on by a knob especially I if the faucet is a sensor faucet. Since most of these hands free faucets come with temperature control, the risk of scalding or burning especially in kids is substantially reduced. Also if you have elderly people living in your house this faucet will be easy and effortless for them to use as well.

    hands free bathroom faucet

    Hands free faucet can be automatic, that uses a button or sensor faucet that have a sensor which detects hand or body movement and turns on automatically. There is also a manual hands free faucet that can be turned on by using your foot or knee and can be attached to your existing faucet easily.

    Coming to the pros and cons of the hands free faucet we have already highlighted the main pros of these faucets. highlighting the main cons- the first would be the installation: the installation is tricky and you definitely need a professional plumber to do that since if it is a sensor hands free faucet it will need power supply too. Second is the cost, both in short and long run they are more costly than your regular faucets, even if the cost is reducing gradually, you still need to replace the batteries when they run out. Another con in some of the hands free faucets is that they might come with only one temperature setting i.e. warm and that can be annoying to a few users, however there are other options in the same variety where you can control the temperature as well as the flow of the water.

    Hands Free Automatic Electronic  Bathroom Faucet

    While the world moves forward at a swift pace, a lot of things are changing and the hands free faucet is a hassle free, attractive piece to add to your house. However you might need to consider the overall design of your room and consider the positive and negative points of these faucets. Since everything around us is becoming smart and hands free-why not our faucet?

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  • 02Oct

    Shower and bath faucets are an easy and quick way to bring some stylish accent into your bathroom. These faucets are not limited to just providing high flow of water for your shower, so choosing the right shower and bath faucet requires taking into consideration the overall look as well the practicality of that faucet. You might need to look at the configuration of your previous faucet if you are simply replacing it or if you are buying for a new bathroom, you could make your decision based on the type of mount, number of handles etc. make sure to have a 3/4″ supply line for quicker and more powerful flow of water which is especially useful for the spa filler models of the faucets.

    shower and bath faucet

    The combination of shower and bath faucets come with one, two or three handles. The shape of the handle is something you choose as per your preferences, there are levers, dials, cross handles or round handles. For spa tubs, two handles are useful for ideal temperature control. The type of mount can be tub mount, wall mount or free-standing faucets depending on the design of your bathroom. The showers could also be tub mount , wall mount or hand held showers, hand held showers make rinsing off and tub cleaning easier due.

    shower and bath faucet

    Shower and bath faucets have a diverter for diverting the water from tub to shower, these diverters may be on the spout of the tub faucet, a single handle with pull up feature or a third handle might be there that acts as a diverter.

    Some features like valves or self-cleaning shower heads can be added to your faucets there are thermostatic, pressure-balancing or anti scald valves available in the market nowadays.

    The last thing you need to decide is the finish of your faucet this again depends on use as well the look that you want for your bathroom. Some finishes are more durable and easy to clean such as polished chrome while others might have the aesthetic or price advantage over the others.

    shower and bath faucet

    Shower and bath faucets are aesthetically appealing as well as practical as compared to their counterparts. At the end of the day whichever faucet you choose make sure to match the style of the faucet with the rest of the décor of your bathroom.

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  • 15Sep

    Whether you are giving your kitchen a complete makeover or just making a few changes here and there, a new faucet can instantly give a new life to the kitchen. Faucets are not the simple boring old ones any more, they are lots of new varieties to choose from, from vintage styles to sleek professional designs that would be any one’s envy. But before you rush off to buy one, it’s important to know which style goes well with your kitchen especially the sink.

    single hole kitchen faucet

    The faucets can be wide based, small base, multi hole or a single hole kitchen faucet. Some people like to keep it simple with a single hole kitchen faucet, which again offer different types of features: there can be a pull down faucet, a pull out faucet, a cold water faucet, a hot water faucet. There can also be a two handle faucet with a single hole and professional faucets that look fancy and sophisticated.

    When it comes to the single hole kitchen faucet many people prefer to install one on the kitchen island as a cold water tap or a mixer faucet for washing fruits and vegetables, they may even be attached to a water filter.

    single hole kitchen faucet

    Installing a single hole kitchen faucet is simple and does not necessarily require a professional plumber unless you want to attach a water filter to it , it is a hands free faucet or a hot water faucet. When buying a new single hole faucet for an old sink, make sure you know the number of holes your existing sink has, otherwise make sure you buy a single hole kitchen faucet which comes with escutcheon plate to cover any unneeded holes in the sink.

    Single hole kitchen faucets are available in different designs, both simple and contemporary whichever suits your style. The materials can range from chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze and stainless steel. The cost of your faucet will depend on it’s features, material as well as the design. In a modern kitchen with all the stylish appliances a sleek professional single hole faucet or a pull down faucet would make a great addition that would most certainly enhance the elegance of your kitchen. However even in an industrial chic kitchen a black vintage single hole kitchen faucet would look majestic it will most certainly be the center of attention.

    single hole kitchen faucet

    When it comes to single hole kitchen faucets, they are an attractive addition to any kitchen, which are usually easy to install, not heavy on the pocket and give a clean, minimalist look to your sink. No need for all the large and space occupying faucets when all the job can be done by something which is both simple yet comes with so many features. However do keep the design of your kitchen and sink in mind before making your final decision.

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  • 04Sep

    Faucets were previously a department usually overlooked when it comes to designing the kitchen, but now thanks to the internet and the keen eyes of the consumers it is now very important element of the kitchen and is used to define and enhance the design of the kitchen. Still when it comes to the right finish it leaves many confused as not everyone can differentiate a polished brass kitchen faucet from a satin brass faucet.

    polished brass kitchen faucet

    Polished brass kitchen faucet is a popular choice as it is a stunning color that stands out and gives any kitchen an instant elegant, vintage look. However this finish is making its comeback in a major way and is wonderfully utilized in contemporary, rustic, vintage or even eclectic kitchens. Polished brass kitchen faucet can be slightly expensive as compared to many other finishes but it is definitely a lot more durable, easy to clean and quite forgiving when it comes to matching with other accessories in the kitchen such as the sink and the soap dispenser. Besides most of the faucets now come with finish warranty so it is very easy to ask for the manufacturer to shine up a dull and drab looking faucet.

    polished brass kitchen faucet

    Polished brass kitchen faucet may be simple polished brass or a vibrant polished brass, not all the manufacturers have same color for similar finishes, so it is better to buy all the accessories and fittings from the same manufacturer.

    The type of polished brass kitchen faucet depends on whether you want a modern theme or a vintage look or even a mixed theme in your kitchen. These faucets look very fancy in vintage design but modern designs in this finish are equally stunning. You can choose a single handle faucet with a side spray or a pull down faucet. It may be an elaborate curvy design or a simple sharp looking double handle faucet.

    polished brass kitchen faucet

    a kitchen faucet can give your kitchen a wonderful lift or it may drag the entire beautiful décor down. Therefore choosing the right faucet in the right finish is quite important to complete the look you’re trying to achieve. Keep your theme in mind and look around for the best option in terms of bargain as well as looks. A polished brass kitchen faucet is not simply back in fashion, it is a style trend that is here to stay.

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  • 30Aug

    Who doesn’t wish for a fancy bathtub that stands majestic and proud stealing all the attention and giving a “wow” feature to any bathroom. Surely those Hollywood inspired bathrooms are a dream of so many and a free standing tub definitely calls for a freestanding tub faucet for that luxurious spa like feel. A master bathroom or a family bathroom if spacious enough, can definitely look extremely regal with a tub as a centrepiece, looking fancy and inviting for a relaxing soak. You can either go for a vintage look with those classic freestanding claw foot tubs or hammered copper tubs if you’d like to go for an industrial look or if you’re more of a modern person add a stylish single handle freestanding tub faucet to compliment that contemporary look.

    freestanding tub faucet

    Freestanding tubs usually come without any holes drilled for plumbing as majority of the consumers add a freestanding tub faucet which compliments these tubs perfectly. When it comes to choosing the right freestanding tub faucet there are a few things that need to be considered, like the type of tub you’ve chosen to put in, a vintage tub would ask for a vintage looking freestanding tub faucet with attached telephone shower. Or if you choose to go with a modern sculptured tub then a polished and sleek freestanding tub faucet with chrome finish would be an ideal choice. The finish of the freestanding tub faucet can be with chrome, nickel, polished nickel, stainless steel, gold, copper or even custom coloured as per your requirements.

    freestanding tub faucet

    The design can be traditional or contemporary and must be chosen in accordance with the general theme of the bathroom. The freestanding tub faucet usually requires a single hole installation and have a hand-held shower for your convenience. Nowadays they come equipped with latest technologies and settings, like using less water or creating a powerful spray and simple touch-clean spray holes in the showers.

    freestanding tub faucet

    A freestanding tub along with a stunning freestanding tub faucet is a glamorous style statement that is bound to set your bathroom a class apart from all the run-of -the-mill bathrooms with boring plumbing and bathtubs. A freestanding tub faucet will give a clean minimalist yet stylish look to your bathroom that would have you and your guests swooning over the elegance and class.

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